7 Fascinating Facts About Adnis Reeves, JAY-Z’s Father

7 Fascinating Facts About Adnis Reeves, JAY-Z’s Father

Who is Adnis Reeves?

Adnis Reeves date of birth and location of birth place is still mysterious. It is still the topic of debate in media.
He left his home at teenage due to poverty. He traveled to New York and worked as a bus driver at a travel company.

Adnis Reeves with her wife Gloria Carter. Image source favebites

He was later employed at Union Station in New York City. He used to play table tennis while working at the station.
This is when his son, JAY-Z, saw him and asked for his help as a bodyguard and driver for various occasions. This started Jay-Z’s career as a professional rapper. Adnis is the one who help JAY-Z to learn learn how to rap.

He was also the teacher who introduced JAY-Z to music artist, Lil’ Kim, when he was making his first attempts at hip hop. In fact, Lil’ Kim’s father, Juelz Santana, is the first rap artist to work with Adnis Reeves.

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Background of Adnis Reeves

Moreover, in the same year, he got married to his high school sweetheart, Gloria Carter. Gloria was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts, on 15th August, 1954.

Here is what the Jay- Z has to say about his father: “My father is my idol. It’s easy for us to say we love and respect our parents. But to put into words the way we actually feel about them is sometimes hard. My Dad was everything to me.

His relationship with Gloria Carter

Despite the fact that Adnis Reeves left his family for a while. But he never forgot about his children. He always tried to make his relationship better with his children.

Gloria and Adnis got back together again in the 1980s after an 8-year break in their marriage. Later, the following year, the singer and his family faced another tragedy.

gloria carter images
Gloria Carter wife of Adnis Reeves. Image source Peoplepill

There is some rumor in media. Once, In an interview with media, Gloria spoke about Adnis’s behaviour. She said that her partner was often late to pick up the kids from school. This caused the major conflicts with Gloria.

Furthermore, Adnis used to drink a lot and he even got violent at times. So Gloria often kept the kids away from hi to protect them from possible violence.

How did he die?

Shortly after the birth of Jay-Z. Adnis had a mental breakdown, and he was in a psychiatric institution.
Later he was finally diagnosed with a severe liver disease and he had liver failure and diabetes.

Furthermore, it is also said that he had Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Who were his children?
Jay-Z is famous for his excellent songs and a powerful voice. Around in the 1970s, he was another rapper in his early years.

As a matter of fact, he did not succeed to make a big name. He himself introduce after the launch of his album Reasonable Doubt in 1994. His success brought great financial gain to his family, and they got richer than ever.

Liver failure – cause of death of Adnis Reeves

In June 2003, Adnis Reeves lost his battle to liver failure. He died while he was visiting New York City. The death of the pop star and the former husband of the famous singer was a shocking news to her family and friends.

Moreover, in 2005, when Beyonce and JAY-Z celebrated their wedding anniversary. They released a special album which is dedicate to her late father. Jay-Z said that this album is release for the memory of his father.

Beyonce’s last words about her father-in-law was when she released her song “I Was Here.” On the song, she wrote that she felt bad after her father left and she thanked him for all the lessons and advice.

Cause of death

Although there was no exact cause of death. Adnis Reeves died of chronic liver disease and cirrhosis of liver. The cause of death was not immediately clear. But following a post-mortem exam. It is reveal that he suffered from Hepatitis C and cirrhosis of the liver.

Adnis Reeves was also suffering from a non-alcoholic diabetes. He got Hepatitis C from sharing needles during his drug addiction in the 1970s. He also had to undergo three heart surgeries in the past. And unfortunately he passed away after admitted to a Las Vegas hospital.


Adnis Reeves was one of the very few examples of the parent who is still important in the life of their children.
Although the rapper’s parents separated in 1980. This fact did not stop Jay-Z’s father from showing his support to his family. Moreover, he supported his grandchildren and great-grandchildren too.
Treat yourself with the truth of the world’s most famous father.

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