Aimee Hall – Meet 30 years Stunning Floribama Shore Star.

Aimee Hall – Meet 30 years Stunning Floribama Shore Star.

Who is Aimee Hall?

Let us dig out some interesting facts about Aimee Hall. So who is Aimee Hall??. The actual name of Aimee Hall is Aimee Elizabeth Hall. She is born on October 1st, 1992. Currently, she is 30 years old. She is the daughter of Teresa Hall Travis. There are no details about her biological father and other family members.

Aimee is one of the best-known reality TV stars in the United States of America. She is also known as the Princess goddess mermaid. She loves to find herself in the fairytale world. Actually, she looks like a princess. Additionally, she is a bartender also.

aimee hall stunning images from instagram
Aimee Hall is in a stunning pose on her Instagram account. Image source -> Instagram

She is one of the best charming actresses in the United States of America. She got to rise up from MTV’s reality show series. She works for MTV Floribama Shore in 2017. After this show, she gets a good name and fame. Later she also engaged herself in the short movie Hollywood/Highland in 2018.

Furthermore, she also won the 7th Annual Reality Television Awards in 2020. This award is given to that famous actors and actresses for their best performance. This award is also given to the person behind or in front of the camera.

Aimee Hall Early Life.

This gorgeous and stunning actress Aimee Hall came from a small town. Her family is just above the average. But there are no more details about her family background. In her childhood, she was raised as a Baptist. Before her name and fame, Aimee Hall works as a bartender at the Scrap Yard.

Once she posts an Instagram photo with her mother some years ago. At that time she memorized her funfilled childhood.

There are no other details about her family. She keeps her distance from the media also. Likewise, we found that she is a privacy lover.

Aimee Hall Parents.

Teresa Hall Travis is the mother of Aimee Hall. Her mother brought her to this earth on October 1st, 1992.

We cannot find out her biological father, but her stepfather is Farell Travis. She has also a sibling from the side of Farell Travis. The name of the stepbrother of Aimee Hall is Hunter Travis.

There are also no details about how her parents get separated.

Aimee Hall Career.

Before gaining popularity. Aimee Hall also works as a bartender in Scarp Yard. As she belongs to a middle-class family. So she has aim to become a famous personality. As of her desire, she works hard for the Tv Reality show named MTV Floribama Shore.

As usual hard work always pays off. Similarly, she won the reality show and was also decorated with the 7th Annual Reality Television Awards in 2020.

Aimee Hall Quick Fact.

  • Birth Name – Aimee Elizabeth Hall.
  • Cast – Hall.
  • Nickname – Princess Goddess Mermaid.
  • Date of Birth – October 01, 1992
  • Gender – Female
  • Place of Birth – Perdido, Alabama, America
  • Age – 30 as of 2022.
  • Birth Sign – Libra
  • Biological Mother – Teresa Hall Travis.
  • Biological Father – Not Known
  • Step Father – Farrell Travis
  • Step Brother – Hunter Travis
  • Profession – Actress, Bartender, Model, and Content promoter.
  • Nationality – American
  • Ethnicity – Native White of Alabama.
  • Marital Status – Single.
  • Ex-Boy Friend – Dillon.
  • Love Relationship Status – Patched up with Dillon in 2020.
  • Current Affair Relationship status – Uncleared Yet.
  • Religion – Baptist, Christian.
  • Education – High School Graduate.
  • High School – Baldwin Country High School.
  • Body Size – 32-28-34
  • Height – 5 feet 8 Inches
  • Weight – 65 kgs.
  • Eye Color – Ocean blue.
  • Color of Hair – Blonde.
  • Pet Name – Princess Goddess Piggy (Pig)
  • Estimated Networth – $50,000.
  • Contact Gmail Id –

Aimee Hall Love Relationships.

Once, Aimee Hall falls into a toxic relationship with Dillon for 10 years. As to different news coverage, it is reported that Aimme was cheated on frequently by her so-called boyfriend.

She was frequently cheated on by Dillon, her boyfriend. She caught him with her cousin. Additionally, Dallon makes pregnant other women also. Once in an Interview with Al Entertainment, Aimee said that,

I just got out of a really bad relationship, for 10 years and to be honest, I just needed a break from home. I had applied for ‘Party Down South’ a year ago, and I didn’t get that. But I had just prayed, ‘God, send me on the road. I’m ready!!!

Source Biowikis

Later on, Aimee forgives all his mistakes of Dillon and gave him one chance to correct himself.

Furthermore, She continued the toxic relationship with Dillon Johnson hoping for good outputs. She patched up with Dallon in 2021. As of that moment, there are no other details about their relationship.

But according to her Facebook Bio, She changed her relationship to single.

Aimee Hall’s Relationship Status on her Facebook relationship status.

Aimee Hall Controversy.

In the last year 2021, she was alleged by a woman named Melissa. Aimee was alleged of physical assault, mental torture, embarrassment, and misbehaving with Melissa.

There is no exact reason for the controversy, but Aimee was compelled to fine $4,357 as a fine in court.

It is also rumored that previous to Dillon Johnson, she was in a relationship with Wesley Clements.

Furthermore, there is no other controversy about Aimee Hall.

Aimee Hall Social Media appearance.

Aimee Hall Net Worth.

Aimee has around $50k net worth. This net worth includes her all income sources. The main income sources Aimee is from modeling and promoting different products on her Instagram and Facebook. She has a huge fan base on Instagram with 558k followers.

She also has a huge fan base on Twitter also. She has around 96k followers on her Twitter handle. This statistical data of fan followers shows that She is active on social media.

Aimee Hall promotes different products on TikTok and Shares them on her official Instagram account.

She also does pay partnerships with different companies like Boombod, and Modern fertility (about fertility tests of humans beings). Boombod is a weight loss shot drink. This gorgeous actress generally affiliates with a production company and makes TikTok short videos for the paid promotion of products.

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