Aleja Madness – with 3 million fans| How did she make it big on social media?

Aleja Madness – with 3 million fans| How did she make it big on social media?

Who is She?

Aleja Madness, who is she? Actually, she is an OnlyFans model. She has a lot of fanbase on her OnlyFans account. Nowadays she is also available on different Social Media accounts mainly on TikTok and Instagram with huge numbers of fan base followers.

Aleja Madness hot images on her Instagram. Image source Instagram @alexandrakerz

Aleja Madness is a popular Instagram model and entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California. She is a real-life story of success and hard work. She started her career in modeling as a teenager, and later on ventured into the world of social media. She has over 2 million followers on Instagram and 2 million followers on Twitter.

Aleja is a popular TikTok star also with over 3 million followers. She is famous for her amazing cute videos. She has been sharing her videos with the world and made a huge name for herself. She has 20k followers in her TikTok account.

Aleja Madness is an OnlyFans Model also. Her subscriptions for her fans on OnlyFans is around $8 per 28 days only. But now she has given a 60% offer to her fans on her account. You can view her account on the image given below.

Aleja Madness OnlyFans subscriptions

Aleja Madness Biodata.

The exact date of birth of Aleja Madness is not revealed yet. She may be born in 1997. Her Real name is Alexandra Ferz. Currently, her estimated age is 24 years old. According to our research team, She is raised and born in Spain. She holds Spanish nationality.

Aleja Madness Hot Images on Her Instagram. Image Source Instagram @alexandrakerz

Actually, her stardom begins from the OnlyFans site. Later she joined TikTok 1 year ago in 2021. On TikTok also she is growing herself digitally more and more. In the 1st year of joining she earned almost 20k followers on Twitter. Similarly, she earned around 3 million followers on her Instagram.

Her interesting content on different social media gave her name and fame. She creates more genuine content related to comedy, lip-syncs on different songs, more hot images on her Instagram, etc. She is a real-world example of a rising star in the entertainment sector. She entertains her lots of fan base around the world.

In addition, Aleja Madness has not created her Wikipedia page.

Aleja Madness Family Details

There are no such details about her mother, father, and her brothers, sisters. According to different researches, we found that Aleja Madness is raised up on a very strict discipline. She does even not go out alone up to 17 years old. It shows that her family has a strict culture. It is also reported that she has not used smartphones for up to 17 years.

After 17, she is free to join different social media platforms. Now she develop fully in such a short period of time so that she is being famous on her different social media platforms.

Presently her family lives in Spain. She is famous in her country due to her content on OnlyFans, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Her Twitter account is not available.

Why Aleja Madness is So Famous?

Aleja Madness is famous on TikTok and Instagram because of her bold videos and Images. Once in an interview, she told that she wants to represent s3x workers. She is famous for her bold content on OnlyFans accounts.

Furthermore, she also said,

I am always positive to s3x workers. I have an positive attitude and support to those platforms who promotes s3xual activity as an entertainment purposes.

Moreover, during the pandemic season, she precisely focused on the OnlyFans account. She established a good monetization system on her account. Later on, she appeared on Instagram and then on TikTok. For 1 year she is on Insta and TikTok. She wants to capture the market. Her aim is to lead the community as a bold content creator.

Although she is recognized by her name, Alja Madness. But her secret fans know her by another name also. Her secret fans know her also by Kazmi Squirt.

She work around 2 years to take this position on the digital platform. Now she made millions of dollars from her social media accounts.

Aleja Madness Body Statistics

Aleja Madness Height in Feet5 feet 7 inches
Height in Meter1.7 m
Height in Centimeter170 cm
Eye colorLight Brown
Aleja Madness Weight in Pound128 lbs
Weight in Kilogram58 kg
Body Size38-25-36 inches
Hair ColorGolden Brown
Size of Shoes6 US.
Piercing on the bodyEars and on Navel
Body Statics of Aleja Madness

Aleja affairs and Relationships

Currently, It is not disclosed whether she is in a relationship or not. There are no details about whether she is married or not also. All her personal details are masked under strict privacy. It is due to the reason that Aleja Madness is more concerned about her private life. She doesn’t want to be bothered by anyone after revealing herself on the world of the Internet.

When it comes to her family details and her personal life. She always keeps away herself from the radar of media. She knows about some people who really want to bother her in her real life. So she keeps her reel life and real life more separately.

Moreover, we can say that she is living a dual role in her life. One role is in her internet world and another one is her real life. She didn’t want any trouble due to her media life in her personal life. And she is also aware that, due to her reason she didn’t take any chances for upcoming social bullying.

Due to this strict privacy now she is living a healthy real life. She only publicized her contents to her fans.

Aleja Madness Networth.

After joining OnlyFans she is earning a handsome amount of money. It is estimated that she earns around $5 million per annum. Now on her onlyfans account, she is offering a special discount for her fans. Her regular price is around $8 per month. But now she is providing 60% off to her new fans.

She also earns money from brand promotion on her TikTok and Instagram accounts. Her estimated net worth is around $1 billion.

She is one of the leading social media stars to earn such a huge amount of money in a short period of time. Now she is being a rising social media star and inspiring model to the upcoming teenager models.

Some Quick Facts

  • Ajela Madness is not her original name.
  • Her original name is Alexandra Kerz
  • She was born in Spain.
  • She is raised under a strict discipline until she turns 17.
  • Only After 17 years Aleja Madness got a permission to use smart phones.
  • Only After 18 years she made her social media accounts.
  • Aleja Madness family details are not available over the internet.
  • Still now she followed a strict privacy rules for rumor-free and tension free daily life.
  • She collabarated with many magazines and modelling agencies.
  • On the month of February on date 6, 2022 she gave her first interview to a famous Youtuber Peip.
  • She was first time featured in Youtube on Mostopapi Tv of Famous Youtuber Peip.
  • Aleja Madness got some tattos on her hands.
  • She rised up from OnlyFans website.
  • She first appeared on OnlyFans.
  • She later appeared on Instagram and TikTok.
  • She is famous for her bold contents on TikTok.
  • Aleja Madness has more than 20k followers on her TikTok.
  • Aleja Madness also makes lyp-syncs videos on TikTok.
  • She is also famous on Instagram for her bold images.
  • Her original Instagram Profile earned more than 271k followers.
  • She also promotes brands on her Insta and TikTok.
  • She also streams herself on Twitch Streaming account.

Some FAQs about Aleja Madness

Who is Aleja Madness?

Aleja Madness is a rising social media star. Previously she is recognized from OnlyFans.

When was Aleja Madness born?

Aleja Madness was born around 1992-1997.

What is the age of Aleja Madness?

She is around 22-25 years old.

Where did Aleja live?

She currently lives in Spain.

What is the Net worth of Aleja Madness?

Currently, her net worth is around $1 billion.

What is the name of Aleja’s boyfriend?

Her personal details are not available over the internet.

What is the real name of Aleja?

Her real name is Alexandra Ferz

Aleja Madness on Social Media

Aleja Madness on Instagram.

Aleja Madness has a dual Instagram account. One account is private and another account is public. Her fanbase account is public.

She has one personal account. Her personal account on Instagram is @alejamadness2. This account is private. In this account, she has 5 posts, 23k followers, and 258 followings. This data also shows that she is also famous in her friend circle.

Aleja Madness Looking Gorgeous On This Dress. Image Source @alexandrakerz

Her real fanbase publicly available Instagram account is @alexandrakerz. She just has 29 posts, but she has earned around 3 million followers. She has exact 286k followers in her real Instagram account. She just followed 267 people. This statistical data shows that she is more popular in her Instagram account.

Her business email id published on her bio on Instagram is People for their brand promotion can contact Aleja Madness directly via this Gmail account.

Aleja Madness on her Instagram account regularly posts her bold images. According to her Instagram profile, her photo is so hot and cute. She regularly updates her hot images. Usually, she published photos in sexy dresses. Her photos are most amazing and eye-catching. She looks so sexy and hot in her Instagram profile.

Her body seems to be naturally gifted. But behind the scene, she always does hard work to maintain her hot body. According to our sources, she regularly does exercises and maintains a balanced diet. Her body attracts a lot of fan bases on digital platforms.

Aleja Madness on TikTok

This Spanish gorgeous lady Aleja Madness is also available on a popular video streaming platform named TikTok. According to her TikTok profile. She has earned 20k followers, 41 followings, and 36.3k likes. This statical data shows that she is also famous in TikTok.

@alexandrakerz Que me creo? Jajajaja pero bueno pa’ rellenar un poco que me mola mucho este filtro ✌🏼 | IG @alejamadness2 ❤️‍🔥 #MadeOfTOUS #fyp #parati #wtf ♬ Desesperados – Rauw Alejandro & Chencho Corleone

Her bio on Tiktok is like this

I don't know how to do tiktoks, but I'm nice.
If you want to follow me on insta I will love you.

In TikTok, Aleja Madness also posts amazing video content. She is very gorgeous in looks. Usually, she does lip-sync videos on her TikTok account. In almost all of the videos she has crossed a minimum of 20k love react and 164k hits on maximum.

It’s amazing but real. Aleja Madness has just published only 8 videos on her TikTok but she is creating a sensation on the digital platforms. It shows that her fan following is so strong. It is also a symptom of fast-growing. She is something good in her bold content.

Aleja Madness on other social media platforms

She is majorly and actively available on OnlyFans. She has 207 posts and 195 videos on her OnlyFans account. This account is Only for 18 plus members. You can easily find her by googling her name.

Aleja Madness is also available on Telegram Channel. Her Telegram channel has around 62k members. You can find her on Telegram HERE.

Aleja Madness is also available on Twitch. To visit her Twitch Account Click HERE.