10 Things You Should Know About Andrea Devos, An Amazing American Child Celebrity

10 Things You Should Know About Andrea Devos, An Amazing American Child Celebrity

Andrea Devos belongs to America. She is a child celebrity. She is also an entrepreneur and businesswoman also. She is famous for being the daughter of a multi-billionaire from the Devon Family.

The date of Birth of Andrea Devos is 24th March. She is raised in Michigan, Holland, The United States.

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Dick Devos is the father of Andrea Devos. Dick Devos belongs to America. Dick Devos is a famous businessman and also an author. Adrea Deovos’s mother is Betsy Devos. Betsy is an American former government official. Betsy is also the 11th united states secretary of education from 2017 to 2021.

Andrea Devos is the daughter of Dick Devos. She is an American child celebrity. She is also a businesswoman and an entrepreneur. She owns lots of companies in different parts of the world.
She is famous for being the daughter of a multi-billionaire from the Devon Family.

Body Measurement of Andrea Devos

Andrea Devos is short and slender. She is 5.5 inches tall and also weighs 51 kilos.
Career and Achievements Devos became the best student in her class in Grades 6-8. Later at the age of 15, she passed the state’s Bar examination. As well as passing the state’s Bar examination, she became the president of her high school.

And also in 2016, she was the first student accepted by Princeton University since 1982.
Later in 2012, Andrea went to Florida International University. She completed her Masters’ degree in Political Science.
Andrea is also the Founder and CEO of the American Women Institute. This Institute promotes women’s leadership. She is also the founder of a brand agency based in Michigan, United States

Personal Life of Andrea Devos

Devos is from a married couple. Dick is from a billionaire family from Michigan. And Betsy is a former government official.

Andrea Devos’ mother is Betsy Devos. She has served as education secretary for the United States since 2017.
Andrea Devos’s education records are the best. She has two years’ law and a bachelor of science degree from Calvin College.

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Devos also had a year’s business education from DeVry University. Devos also has a pre-law degree from the University of Florida.

Andrea Devos is a teacher, in 2012. Later she joined the Jefferson High School, Michigan, teaching ninth-grade social studies.

Andrea Devos Profession

Andrea Devos is a businesswoman. She has started an online shopping company called Woosh Beauty.
The career of Andrea Devos Andrea is an international child star. Andrea has performed many projects. Her shows are famous in different cities in the US, Canada.

Likewise, she performed in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, and Italy.
Andrea is well known for her roles in Disney Channel shows. She plays roles in Tv, Hannah Montana, Lizzie McGuire, Dance Moms, Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

She is also a judge in the young director’s showcase. Andrea completed her education at the University of Phoenix at Apollo Career College.

Andrea Devos Net Worth Over Time

Andrea has been one of the most popular child actors in the USA. The films, TV shows, and other projects have brought in a huge number of bucks to her. From the research that Andrea Devos has earned over $6,000,000 by her childhood acting in acting career.


The Net Worth of Andrea Devos’s net worth is a little bit different than that of her father Dick Devos. There is no financial or demographic information at hand about her father. The net worth of her mother is a little bit higher than her father. And, that too, this is her own net worth.

Why Does Andrea Devos Contribute Her Time to Education?

Andrea Devos is a college student at a business school. She is very popular among her friends in high school and at business school. She wants to have a successful career.

And, to make her dream come true she is devoting her time to a good cause, her education.
Andrea Devos Devos will be completing her graduation in May 2018. And, she is looking to start a career in the Business field. And, she also wants to set up a charity to help children.

Some Achievements of Andrea Devos Dick Devos and Betsy DeVos started a multi-million dollar education company called Amway. They are famous for their company, Amway.


They started their first company called Devos Investment Corporation. That company is worth $5.7 billion. This is the only billion-dollar company in the family.

They have huge shares in it, too. Their second company, Devos, is worth $2.1 billion. That company also produces media. It owns few television channels and is also the largest Christian radio network.
They have interests in four radio stations in several cities. They have also made several investments in Internet firms. They have sold a large chunk of their equity in One West Bank in February 2014 for $272 million. They had acquired a total of 47.


Andrea is a child ambassador for the Goalkeepers initiative. She is a child advocate for the United Nations Youth Ambassador program.

Andrea has served as the Chair of the World Education Forum since 2012. She is also a part of the Global Council of Child Advocates.

Andrea is a member of the Board of Directors of Green Education Fund. She is also the Board of Directors of the New Tomorrow World Academy of Michigan.

Andrea Devos is on the board of VisitMyHouse company. She is also a board member of the World Sport Trust. This is a charity that gives access to travel and sport for underprivileged children.

Andrea Devos is on the boards of the American Council for Child Welfare. She is also a member of the International Network of Young Peacebuilders.

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