Angelina Sambrotto – Beautiful Girlfriend of Travis Bacon | Since 2020.

Angelina Sambrotto – Beautiful Girlfriend of Travis Bacon | Since 2020.

Who is Angelina Sambrotto? – A Short Introduction.

Angelina Sambrotto is a makeup and FX artist from Los Angeles. From a very young age, Angelina is interested in the beauty and fitness industry. She belongs to Napa, California. She is the owner of an e-commerce website named

Angelina and Travis Bacon image. Image source Instagram @angiealaska.

Angelina is also a digital entrepreneur. She runs a website named Through this website, she sells different varieties of lashes, palettes, accouterments, and lips-related cosmetic products.

Since childhood, makeup artist Angelina is attracted to makeup kits. Her passion is to be a successful beautician. As for her passion she chooses her profession wisely. Now she is famous in the beauty industry. She is a well-known name in the beauty industry inside Los Angeles.

FX artist Angelina is more creative and loves art. So she is renowned in her field. She moves to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to catch her dream. In Los Angeles, Angelina Joined a Makeup School. Later she finished her makeup and FX course from makeup school.

After the completion of her makeup and FX course, she was constantly involved in the beauty industry for 12 years. She also worked as a freelance with some major brands also.

She is also a Burlesque Performer. The burlesque performance is a stage entertainment in hot customs, developed in the USA. Angelina performs her burlesque as Battyna Sin.

Relationship Status of Angelina.

Currently, Angelina is dating Travis Bacon. Travis is a famous musician and son of Kevin Bacon. He is currently dating Angelina Sambrotto.

Relationship Status update on the Facebook account of Travis Bacon and Angelina Sambrotto. Image source – Facebook account of Travis and Angelina.

Read more about Travis Bacon.

Angelina Sambrotto and Travis Bacon are in a relationship since 2020. This information is provided by Angelina herself on her Facebook account. Both of these couples updated their relationship status in their own Facebook account. Below is the image of their relationship status on Facebook.

There are no details about how and where did Angelina and Travis meet each other. However, as a makeup artist and a stage performer musician may get met somewhere during a stage performance. Makeup and Musical performer is the inter-related profession, so we can guess that they may meet each other in some stage performance.

Career Details about Angelina Sambrotto.

She is well known as an assistant makeup artist in the American horror anthology movie. The movie “The Theatre Bizarre” is released in 2011. She worked as an assistant makeup artist in the segment “Sweets” of this movie.

She has also worked as a makeup artist in the series named “Good Food, Good Deeds”. She has worked in Episode-1 of this series as a makeup artist. She worked on this series in 2011.

Side by side, She is also a famous burlesque performer, well-known as Battyna Sin.

She has been consistently been involved in this makeup industry as a makeup artist for more than one decade. She is really dedicated to her profession. She is truly working as a makeup artist in the beauty industry.

She also worked as a freelance makeup artist on Urban Decay Cosmetics.

Besides this, she is a digital entrepreneur. She runs an e-commerce website for selling different makeup products.

Family Details of Angelina.

Due to some privacy as a burlesque performer. Her full family details are still unclear. Our sources reported that she is quite strict in her private life. She keeps her distance from the media radar.

However, she has revealed her mother’s name. Her mother’s name is Lani Sambrotto. Likewise, she has also mentioned her Uncle’s name. Her Uncle’s name is Rick Christophersen.

Her mother mentioned that she is in a relationship with Leon Mobley. As of we can consider that Leon is the father of Angelina Sambrotto. Both Leon and Lani are from Napa, California. Leon is graduated from Harbor College in 1977.

According to Leon’s Profile on Facebook, He mentioned that Pam Switzer is her sister in the family and relationships tab on his Facebook Profile.

All of these details are publicly available on the Facebook profiles of Angelina Sambrotto, Lani Sambrotto, and Leon Mobley.

It is a notable thing that, Angelina pick up her surname as Sambrotto from her mother’s last name instead of her father’s last name. This thing makes some quite strange relationships between Angelina and Leon. We can only guess that Angelina and Leon may not have a blood relationship. But it is still unclear about the relationship between Angelina and Leon.

Social Media Presence of Angelina Sambrotto.

Angelina on Facebook.

Angelina is on Facebook since 2015. She is active for 7 years on her Facebook account. We can find out her on Facebook publicly. Facebook account of Angelina Sambrotto –>> VISIT HERE.

She has 2.8 thousand friends on her Facebook account.

Angelina on Twitter.

Angelina is on Twitter since 2009. She is active for 13 years on Twitter. She has 1019 followers on her Twitter handle. We can find her on Twitter publicly. Twitter account of Angelina Sambrotto –>> Visit Here

Recently on March 2nd, 2022, She shared a throwback post from Instagram to the Twitter handle of her performance in the @sammidoll music video. We can find out her latest shares on Twitter handle HERE.

Angelina on Instagram.

Angelina Sambrotto is more active on her Instagram account rather than on her Facebook and Twitter accounts. She has around 11.3 thousand followers on her Instagram account. She has posted some details also on her Instagram account.

She runs her Instagram account by the username of @angiealaska. For further information, we can follow the link given below.

Instagram account of Angelina Sambrotto –>> Visit Here.

Networth of Angelina Sambrotto.

Angelina is a rising makeup artist in the beauty industry in the United States of America. She is still in struggling phases. However, she has earned a handsome net worth from her profession. She is truly dedicated to her profession. As of she is present on both physical and digital platforms.

It is estimated that she has around $13 million net worth. This net worth includes all of her physical and digital incomes. She runs an e-commerce website, as she sells many different varieties of makeup products.

From her digital platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, she generates more leads for better income. Moreover, she also earns as a burlesque performer. She is one of the most demanding burlesque performers on stage in the United States of America.


Angelina Sambrotto is a makeup artist, burlesque performer, and truly a digital entrepreneur. She is one of the under-rated makeup artists. She is now in trend because of her relationship with Travis Bacon.

We wish both Travis and Angelina a beautiful life ahead.

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