Audra Mari Aka No. 1 Beauty Pageant Engaged with Famous actor Josh Duhamel.

Audra Mari Aka No. 1 Beauty Pageant Engaged with Famous actor Josh Duhamel.

Josh Duhamel, the award-winning actor, recently proposed to his beautiful fiancée, Audra Mari. She is a spitfire and a true beauty pageant queen, who rose to stardom thanks to her Miss World America title.

She is a true example to stay true to yourself and the journey you want to take. She is the perfect candidate to learn from if you are thinking of competing in the beauty pageant world.

Audra Mari and Josh are officially engaged now with a special message in a bottle. The famous actor Josh shared this news from his official Instagram account on Jan 8, 2022. He posts a photo of both of them and captions it as.

It’s on!! She found a message in a bottle that washed ashore and said YES!!

Instagram accout of Josh Duhamel.

Who Is Audra Mari?

Audra Mari is a major beauty pageant queen. In 2014, Mari got the title of Miss North Dakota USA. In the same year, she was 1st runner-up in the Miss USA pageant. In 2016, Mari has crowned Miss World America. She represented the United States at the Miss World pageant. Later she got 6th position.

Audra Mari is a 28-year-old fabulous former pageant, queen, and model. She is the first North Dakotan girl who came up to the pageant and also win the title. Nowadays Audra is working with the Los Angeles modeling agency Vision LA. She has 56 thousand followers in her official Instagram account. Her full name is Audra Diane Mari.

Basically, Audra is from the Philippines. Her grandparents belong to the Philippines, later they migrate to the United States for better life status. She is graduated from North Dakota State University. She got a degree in public relations and communications.

Audra also works for Ocean Drive. She worked with Ocean Drive as a swimsuit model in 2018.

Audra Mari is a swimsuit model for Ocean Drive. Image source Instagram @audramari

Audra Mari’s net worth is about $2 million. She generates income from modeling career.

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