Augusta Tigrett – A Strange woman with 7 facts.

Augusta Tigrett – A Strange woman with 7 facts.

Augusta Tigrett – A Short Introduction

Augusta Tigrett is a famous professional Hair Dresser in Liverpool. Augusta is the daughter of the late Maureen Starkey Tigrett. She is the daughter of famous American celebrities Isacc Tigrett and Late Maureen. She is born on January 4, 1987, in Texas of United State of America. She comes on highlight due to the name and fame of her parents.


Maureen Starkey Tigrett with her newly born daughter Augusta Tigrett in 1987. Image source @adayinthelifeofabeatlewife

Currently, She is 35 years old. She holds American Nationality. By birth her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Among the four children of Maureen Starkey, Augusta is the youngest child. She has 3 other siblings. The other 3 siblings are from another father named Ringo Starr. Maureen’s children from Ringo are Zac Starkey (1965), Jason Starkey (1967), and lee Starkey (1970).

Who is Maureen Starkey Tigrett?

Previously Maureen gets married to Ringo Starr. Isaac Tigrett is the second husband of Maureen. With Isaac, Maureen shared only one child named, Augusta Tigrett.

Maureen with Ringo and Isaac before and after divorce. Image source Instagram

Maureen ” Mo Starkey Tigrett (b. 1946 Mary Cox – 28 December 1994) was a hairdressing specialist based in Liverpool, England who became known as a wife and mother to Ringo Starr drummer.

Who is Isaac Tigrett?

Isaac is also famous as the second husband of Maureen. Isaac Tigrett is an American Businessman. He is born on Nov 28th, 1948. He is the owner of Hard Rock Cafe and House of Blues Chains.

Quick fact about Augusta.

  • Professional Name – Augusta Tigrett.
  • Middle name – King
  • Full Name – Augusta King Tigrett
  • Date of Birth – January 4, 1987
  • Gender – Female
  • Current Age – 35 years old
  • Birth Place – Dallas, Texas
  • Ethnicity – White
  • Biological Father’s name – Isaac Tigrett
  • Biological Mother’s name – Maureen Starkey
  • Grandfather’s Name – John Tigrett
  • Grandmother’s Name – Frances Tigrett
  • Grandfather’s Name – Joseph Cox
  • Grandmother’s Name – Florence Cox
  • Siblings name – Zak Starkey (Step-Brother), Jason Starkey (Step-Brother), Lee Starkey (Step-Sister)
  • Niece name – Tatia Starkey
  • Niece Name – Ruby Tiger Mehler, Luna Starkey
  • Nephew Name – Jakamo Mehler, Smokey Mehler, Sonny Starkey, Louie Starkey, Rock Starkey, Buddy Starkey,
  • Color of Hair – Blonde
  • Color of Eyes – Blue
  • Body Tone – Average
  • Height – 5 feet 7 Inches

Is Augusta married or not Married?

It is a mysterious story about a marital relationship of Augusta. She is not available on any kind of social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. She keeps her relationship private. Augusta still doesn’t reveal her relationship.

Augusta Tigrett in Public program. Image source

Once it is rumored that Augusta is secretly dating someone. But this rumor remains uncleared up to now.

Currently, maybe she is a single woman.

Reason of Augusta Tigrett mother’s death?

Augusta’s mother dies due to leukemia. She died during her bone marrow transplantation in hospital. She was only 47 years old. Maureen died in December 1995.

Before the untimely demise of Maureen, she was admitted to the hospital Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. She was admitted to the hospital on October 20th, 1965.

Meanwhile at the time of treatment of Maureen. Otherside, Augusta was already born. At that time she was raised in Liverpool, England. Augusta was only 8 years old when she lost her mom.

Augusta Tigrett’s Net worth.

Augusta has almost around 100 thousand pounds net worth. It includes her fixed and capital assets. She has a mansion costing around 50 thousand pounds.

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