Billy Mckeague – Amazing Ice hockey player | 2022 update.

Billy Mckeague – Amazing Ice hockey player | 2022 update.

Billy Mckeague

Billy Mckeague is a former hockey player and a golf instructor. Billy Mckeague was born in St.Louis Missouri USA. As his date of birth is 1989 he’s now 32 years old. He is the son of Chase Mckeague. His mother is Lynn. Their family owned a group company ‘Chase and Company’.

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Billy”s father was the chairman of the investment group called Chase and Company. Where his mother was the Marketing Director and his father was the operation manager. Billy has also got two siblings. Sister Lisa and brother Charlie.

Billy played Ice hockey as a kid and was rather good in his game too.


Billy Mckeague studied in a high school in St. Louis. He brought to light his talent for hockey in high school. Billy McKeague began to reveal his athletic skills on his high school days with special interests in sports hockey and golf. McKeague was also a part of the Red Devils Hockey team in high school at Chaminade College Preparatory School, St. Louis where he Later went also. Then, Billy joined the University of Missouri, where he continued to play Ice hockey.

Billy played Ice hockey while he was a child and was rather good in his game too. Billy has really worked hard to sustain and develop his game hockey. He was a good player. He continued his performance at the University of Missouri team where he played the sport for three seasons (between 2008 and 2012).

Here he made his life-changing decision and he moved to Hawaii where instead of pursuing hockey as a career, where he started working as a golf pro in North Shores Resorts, and where he chose ‘Golf’. Which he called his second love. Being a sportsman he has maintained his body figure so he looked like a gentleman. He had 6 feet 2-inch in height. He also has got blue-colored eyes and also lights brown hair.


After he moves to Hawaii as a golf instructor. Billy met girlfriend Victoria Azarenka in Kauai, there she came there to meet her famous friends, the greatest volleyball players in the world Gabrielle Reece, and her husband Laird Hamilton.

Even though Azarenka Victoria was in another relationship at the time, she evidently fell in love with Billy Mckeague and she ended up her relationship with that previous guy and started dating billy. Both of them fell in love with each other and they even started living together. They were like two lovebirds waiting for each other for their wedding day.

People knew all about their relationship because of all their photos together that they posted on their social media accounts. As billy and his girlfriend were not married but they were living together. For a certain period of time, his girlfriend revealed that she was pregnant with billy’s child by posting photos in July 2016.

Billy McKeague with his Girlfriend at her pregnancy. Image source Vergewiki | edited image

In December 2016, this unmarried couple welcomed their son named Leo Mckeague. After her delivery, Victoria used to praise her partner Billy that how he was a doting father and supportive boyfriend that he was also that time supporting Victoria’s career in tennis. But victoria also stepped down from the career cause of her pregnancy.

Then everyone was expecting them to throw a big wedding party, but that didn’t happen. Instead, they broke up in August 2017.


Victoria mentioned that Billy does not respect women. She also mentioned on her Instagram publicly that Billy Mckeague was disrespecting her. She also told the public that her boyfriend was poorly raised as they had some irreconcilable differences.

She had also even questioned about norms and values that billy’s parents had given him. which brought a custody battle on their son Leo.


After breaking up the relationship, they started for Leo’s challenging and brutal custody in August 2017. Billy and Victoria had to go through a hard time and also they had to settle themselves separately on the same phase. This custody battle had been destructive and career-shaking for both of them.
As Leo was born in America.

Billy Mckeague and his son Leo Mckeague with his parents. |Right Image source Victoria Instagram @vichka35| and |left images source from Vergewiki

Victoria didn’t have American citizenship because of that, she could not take him out of California so She missed her two major tennis matches because she was fighting for her child’s custody. This custody case was to end in October, and victoria made the decision to withdraw from the tournament because she don’t want to leave Leo with his father. But Billy loved to spend his time with his son Leo. Through this custody time also billy used to take out some time and spend time with Leo also.

After a lengthy and conclusive battle, Later the child custody battle was won by Victoria, the mother of Leo.


Billy has earned through his sports Golf and Hockey only. As he was from a financially good family. He has earned $400,000 from his sportsman career too. He has gathered a good wealth from his sports career. which is enough for his settlement.


Billy is far away from all social media sites. But his Ex-Girlfriend Victoria is much more available over the internet.

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