Brice Rhodes Latest News | 3 allegations.

Brice Rhodes Latest News | 3 allegations.

Brice Rhodes Story.

Actually, Brice Rhodes is an American Rapper. But now he is under the criminal charge of Murder Suspect.

Brice Rhodes is actually accused of murdering Christopher Jones in May 2016. Later on, in the same year, he is also the suspect of killing teen brothers. Rhodes kills teen brothers 14 years old Larry Ordway and 16 years old Maurice Gordon. Both of them Larry and Gordon are siblings.

Suspect of triple murder case source biographyhost

The reason for killing both siblings is that these siblings saw Rhodes killing an innocent man. These siblings are the eye witness of this killing on the street of Louisville, Kentucky.

These three cases of murder were committed in May 2016. But recently after a long investigation, Rhodes is charged for these triple murder cases in 2020.

Other charges like one-time sex offending, 4 times domestic violence, and also charged for violating terms and conditions for his probation. All those cases are filed in the name of Rhodes. In total, a local Rapper was charged for most offending criminal charges.

Brice Rhodes Wikipedia.

Brice Rhodes Nationality is American. He is born on November 29 in 1971. Currently, he is 50 years 1 month 29 days (while writing this news). The birthplace of Brice is still unknown.

While talking about his family background, there are no details about his family. Even his family does not come in front of the media. Brice Rhodes parents details are not available over the internet.

Furthermore, there are no details about his past life, wife name, siblings, parents, children, etc over the internet. It seems due to his personal criminal charges family does not want to come openly in media for him.

There are also no details about his lawyers also. After the proof of investigation, he will be seriously punished by the court for his offending charges.

Brice Networth.

Brice’s net worth is not available over the internet. It is kept under secret due to the allegation of criminal charges.

Brice blame to Judge.

Attorney Tom Griffiths (right) get shocked while Brice Rhodes (left) blame a judge for being a member of KKK (WDRB photo).

Brice blamed the judge as a KKK (Ku Klux Klan, a secret hate group of supremacist White Americans) member. He also blamed the judge that having a sexual relationship with the prosecutor.

This kind of irrelevant behavior of Brice can make trouble for Brice in future judgment.

Mother of Teens – Wreen’s Statement.

After the murder of a Teen brother. Wren is in deep grief, she lost her child.

According to many people over the internet Teen brother may belong to some local goon’s gang. They also post some pictures of holding guns on social media. Based on this picture and after the murder incident, Teen brothers are also alleged to be in a criminal background.

Mother of Teen Brother, Wren source wdrb

Moreover, the Mother of Teen Brothers, Wren told that her sons are not in bad company. They are good boys, having good behavioral activities. Regarding the photos holding guns on social media. Wren defend that, her sons were just making a self-defense cover to make their enemy frightened. Teens’ brothers were attacked several times. So to make a self-defense cover they just put their picture with guns on social media.


Brice is alleged with serious criminal charges of three murder cases.

The reason for the Murder of Christopher Jones is still unknown.

Wren’s statement shows that her sons are innocent.

Brice shows rubbish behavior with the judge.

The social media profiles of Brice are not available till now.

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