Britt Baron – 7 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know.

Britt Baron – 7 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know.

Britt Baron is one of the most famous American actresses you’ll find. She is famous for her role in “GLOW”, which is about a group of women who work at a local women’s wrestling show. Britt Baron is in a recurring role for the season and had the main role in seasons 2 and 3. Britt is also famous for her role in “Six Feet Under”.

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Britt Baron images. Source instagram @brittbaron

Who is Britt Baron?

Britt is an American actress known for her role as Justine in the series “GLOW” (2017-2019). In this series, she was in a recurring role for the season. She had the main role in seasons 2 and 3. In Britt’s first role in the series, she had a one-line part as a waitress at the diner. Britt is most widely recognized for her role as Justine. Justine is a professional wrestler and was the lead character in the first season.

Britt was born to her father, Armand Uomoleale. Britt’s mother is Karen Liss-Uomoleale who’s also a former publicist and relator. She does have a stock, her family Armand Uomoleale Jr. He’s an Ice Hockey player and also pursued his career as a DJ.

The siblings grew up in Connecticut, United States. This is where the family and family lived for their nonage days alongside their parents.

How did Britt get involved with GLOW?

Britt Baron got involved in GLOW by auditioning for the series. Britt Baron tried out for the role of Justine and she was successful in receiving the role. Britt Baron’s career kicked off at the age of 10 with a spot in a commercial for Pearl Izumi.

She has been acting for almost 20 years and has been in many different roles in TV shows and movies. She had her first acting role in the show “The L Word” as Lili. Britt Baron is also known for her roles as Abigail in “The Following” and as Janet in “Bruiser.”

Britt’s Education and Career.

The actress got graduated with her Bachelorette of Trades and Bachelorette of Fine Trades from the University of Michigan in the time 2013.

Before professionally pursuing acting as her career Britt Baron as a voice-over actress in flicks. She began her career on the screen back in 2014 as she appeared in the TV series, Jennifer Falls as character Shopie.

Britt with her husband. Source Instagram @brittbaron

The GLOW actress was first seen in pictures in the time 2015 in the movie Meshes Of Dusk, this was the actress’s debut movie. She has also appeared in the popular series, Grey’s Deconstruction in 2017.

Other pictures where the actress has been seen starring in are Bushwick Beats as Saddie in 2018, and Aftermath as Dani which is a 2021 movie. The actress has voice-overs in numerous videotape games similar as Agents of Mayhem, Dishonoured 2, Halo 5, Skylanders, and numerous further.

List of Britt’s Tv Shows, Films, Videogames, AudioBooks.

List of films.

Years playedTitle of FilmsRole played
2015Meshes of DuskLiv
2018Bushwick BeatsSadie
2021Aftermath(2021 film)Dani
List of movies. Source wikipedia

List of Tv Shows by Britt

Year PlayedTitle Of Tv showsRoles playedNotes
2020Into the DarkValentine FawkesThe episode “My Valentine”
2020The Thing About HarryStasiaTelevision Film
2019-presentYoung JusticeLivewire (voice)
2018- presentRob Riggle’s Ski Master AcademyBirt Brit Hamsteak8 episodes
2017-2019GlowJustine BiagiRecurring role (Season 1)
Main role(Season 2-3)
2017Grey’s AnatomyMary ParkmanEpisode. “Don’t Stop Me Now”
2017LuciferMaggie ColeEpisode. “The Sin Bin”
2016-2017Criminals Minds: Beyond BordersJosie Garrett2 episodes
2015Halo: The Fall of ReachLinda(Adult) (voice)3 episodes
2015Chicago P.D.Party GirlEpisode. “Forget My Name”
2014Jennifer FallsSophieEpisode.”Triangle”
2014AwkwardSex Crazed StudentEpisode.”The New Sex Deal”
List of tv shows. Source Wikipedia

List of video games.

2020Final Fantasy VII RemakeTifa Lockhart
2020Fallout 76: WastelandersTessa Crews, Settlers, Additional Voices
2018Destiny 2: ForsakenAda-1
2017Agents of Mayhem Pride Trooper
2017Dishonored: Death of the OutsiderWitches
2016Skylanders: InaginatorsAurora/Imaginators
2016Dishonored 2Witch
2015Halo 5: GuardiansLinda-058, Additional VoicesCredited as “Brittany Uomoleale”
List of video games. Source Wikipedia

List of Audio Books.

2015Rain of the GhostsRain CaciqueCredited as “Brittany Uomoleale”
List of Audio Books. Source wikipedia

Who is Britt’s boyfriend and what is their relationship like?

Britt Baron is in a relationship with Taber Onthak. Taber is a singer and a song composer also. Britt does not like to talk about her personal life in public. On the other hand, her Instagram profile shows that she is in a relationship with Taber.

Brit got proposed by her boyfriend Taber Onthak. Source Instagram @brittbaron

Net-worth of Britt.

Britt Baron has settled herself a career and spotlight as she has appeared in numerous TV shows and pictures and got herself a huge addict fan base as well.

Britt baron luxurious life

With all the work done Britt has established herself with a net worth whopping $4 million. With these statistics of earnings, we can say that Britt lives a luxurious life.


As we formerly know that Baron doesn’t generally talk about her particular life out in front of the public but her Instagram gives us plenty of hints about herself.

We know that she’s a pet lover. She keeps posting her pet canine, Remy on her Instagram stories. She also loves traveling to different places as the actress is seen posting filmland of herself going to different places all the time. The Bushwick Beats actress is also fond of Pizza and Icecream as her favorite food.

Her following caption on Instagram reflects how much she is a pet lover. This caption makes eyes filled with tears about pets.

Britt Baron celebrating her pet Remmy Birthday

One whole year with the love of my life!! My soulmate, my other half, my confidant, my best friend. It’s hard for me to believe I initially didn’t even want her. I was scared and unsure about adopting a 7 year old pitbull with a history we knew next to nothing about. I initially wanted to tell people she was a “mix” I was honestly embarrassed I didn’t have a conventionally adorable pure bred puppy.

Thank god Remy forgave me, she is another example of how resilient, compassionate, and inherently good rescue dogs are! I was so shamefully unaware and uneducated regarding the importance of adopting vs. buying and knew nothing about how awesome and misunderstood pitties are!! I encourage anyone looking for a new dog to physically walk yourself into a rescue or shelter, talk to the volunteers there, and see for yourself what is happening in your own city.

There are SO many deserving amazing dogs in the LA shelters right now that won’t ever get their second chance. Humans fail these dogs over and over again, but we can do better! So NEVER support breeding of any kind. There is never an excuse to support breeding dogs for profit when innocent healthy amazing dogs are being euthanized in our shelters daily.

Where we get our dogs from matters and to pretend otherwise is to ignore reality. When you rescue you get to form a bond with your dog that all the money in the world can’t buy, and that’s priceless. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Remy the love of my life who I will advocate and fight for the rest of my life. She’s turned me into a full blown insane dog and ignited a new passion in me. .

Also a HUGE thank you to @wagsandwalks who rescued her and who work so hard to save so many dogs. And a massive thank you to the mystery volunteer at Downey shelter who advocated for Remy to be pulled, she is alive because of you.

Source Britt Baron Instagram @brittbaron

Due to her unrestricted private life, she has not been in any controversy and dishonor which is a good thing for herself.

Instagram profile of Britt – CLICK HERE

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