CassieeMUA – Famous Makeup Artist and Insta star | Top 10 facts.

CassieeMUA – Famous Makeup Artist and Insta star | Top 10 facts.

CassieeMUA Biography.

CassieeMUA is a famous American makeup artist and rising Instagram Star. She’s an emerging American social media personality whose talents are diverse. She has become a famous actress, director, and model and has also sung, written, and written scripts. Currently, she’s a Youtuber and celebrity on Vine.

CassieeMUA has a tattoo on her hand. Image source Instagram @cassieemua

The actress has a large number of supporters on her Instagram and Youtube channel. During the last two years, she kept in contact with many social circles on social media.

She is born on 1990, February 12. She was born on She is currently 31 years old. She is well known for solving different queries related to makeup sent by her fans on Instagram and Youtube. She gives different problem-solving hacks to her fans.

CassieeMUA Height, Weight & Measurements

However, she is a rising social media star. She kept her personal life away from the media. She doesn’t reveal her body size in the media. The actual body measurement and statistics like height, weight, etc are under strong privacy. There are no details about her body statistics.

However, from different sources that her height is 5 feet 4 inches and her weight is 58 kg.

Her Career.

CassieeMUA started her career on Instagram. She created her official makeup-only Instagram account named @cassieemua in April 2014. As she is a makeup artist. On her Instagram account started to publish content related to makeup. She also teaches different skills and tips of makeup related on her Instagram account. She is an expert makeup artist. She is working in this field for 10 years.

Day by day she grows herself. Because of her genuine content about makeup, She started to gains more and more followers on her Instagram account. Now she earned nearly 456k followers.

CassieeMUA as a makeup artist presenting herself in cowgirl style on her Instagram account. Image source Instagram @cassieemau

She also gave a lot of information about cosmetics products also on her Instagram. Later she started her youtube channel named CassieeMUA. On this channel, she provides beauty tips, makeup tutorials, and cosmetic item information. She got more than 326k subscribers on her Youtube channel.

Why CassieeMUA is so famous???

CassieMUA is a makeup artist. As of her profession, she is related to cosmetic materials. People around the world are so busy. As of they has no more time to go for a regular checkup about their business. Category belongs to search some genuine reviews about cosmetic items are in huge number in the world.

She catch all of these problems and started the journey of her profession. She choose the different social media platforms to gave genuine solutions about makeup.

She is much more famous because she creates content as fan-centered. She is always ready to solve the problems that are sent by her fans. She solves all those problems on her Instagram and Youtube channel.

She precisely choose Instagram to gave solutions about makeup. After that, she also started a Youtube channel related to content as of Instagram. On Instagram, she usually gives tips and tricks about makeup. But on Youtube, she gives the best makeup tutorials about makeup.

By following her video tutorial her large fan base related to makeup is getting benefits. She helps more beauticians to get up to date related to makeup and cosmetic materials. Her video tutorials are also helpful to those people who are seeking genuine information about makeup and cosmetics items.

Her Husband and Marital Relationship.

CassieeMUA is married to Eldon. They were familiar with each other since their childhood. They studied together in the same school for more than 10 years. After finishing schooling CassieeMUA moved to a foreign country for her further study. At that time CassieeMUA and Eldon are connected digitally. They spend their almost time on chats via Messenger.

CassieeMUA and Eldon Image. Source Instagram @cassieemua

Day by day they got closer to each other and this closeness grooms the next-level relationship. They fall in love with each other. At first according to CassieeMUA, they were just like best friends. Later when Eldon proposed to her. She immediately accepts his proposal. After the acceptance, they got married. But there are no details about their children.

The actual date of marriage is missing. CasseeMUA doesn’t reveal anything personal over the internet. Details about Eldon are also missing.

Family Details about her.

CassieeMUA is famous on different social media platforms but her family details are not publicly available on the Internet.

As of being famous and star on social media. She strictly follows some guidelines to maintain her privacy. She doesn’t like to reveal her family details publicly.


Name – CassieeMUA
Date of birth – Feb 12th, 1990
Current age – 31
Religion – Unknown
Ethnicity – Chinese British
Birthplace – United States
Profession – Social Influencer, Make up Artist
Horoscope – Aquarius
Net worth – $2.5 million
House – Owned by her
Height – 5 feet 4 inches (Not exact, available from different sources)
Weight – 58 kg (Not exact, but from different sources)
Hair color – Not available
Body Measurements – Not available
Siblings – Not available
Parents – Not available
Marital Status – Married to Eldon
Nationality – American

Age of CassieeMUA

CassieeMUA is born on February 12th, 1990 in the United States of America. Currently (as of Feb 5, 2022) she is now
31 years 11 months and 24 days old
383 months 24 days
or 1668 weeks 5 days
or 11,681 days

Net Worth of Her

CassieeMUA is one of the richest Social media stars. Because of her problem-solving hacks on makeup tutorials. She earned a lot of followers on Instagram and Youtube. Having a lot of followers and subscribers on social media is meant to earn more money from the digital platforms.

As of recent data she earns a net worth of almost around $2.5 Million. She has her own luxurious house. She also got handsome rewards from different cosmetic companies as she published genuine content of the cosmetic products for her fans.

Social media presence

CassieeMUA TikTok -> VISIT HERE

She has around 137k followers in her TikTok.

CassieeMUA Twitter -> VISIT HERE

She has around 154.1k followers on her Twitter handle.

CassieeMUA youtube -> VISIT HERE

She has around 326k followers on her YouTube Channel.

CassieeMUA Reddit -> VISIT HERE

She has low followers in her Reddit community.

CassieeMUA Instagram -> VISIT HERE

She has around 456k followers in her Instagram account.

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