13 Celebrities Who Love Jazz

13 Celebrities Who Love Jazz

What is Jazz?

There are more and more celebrities who love jazz. Jazz music takes its name from the verb “to Jazz,” which was a musical term that denoted an improvisational style and a lively way of playing a piece. Jazz musicians began performing the music as early as the late 1860s, and by the 1890s, jazz was spreading across the globe and had found its way into the musical mainstream.

The style grew to encompass a wide variety of music styles including R&B, blues, and some of the earliest forms of popular music like ragtime and barrelhouse. “Jazz is a part of my life, as is Afro-Cuban and Vodou,” Adomel explains. “They are all considered a part of ‘the heritage of this city’ for me and I am proud to be part of its future. In near future there will be more celebrities who love jazz.


Bessie Smith Though she’s now largely forgotten, Bessie Smith is widely recognized as the first female jazz vocalist. A singer, composer, and pianist, Smith was born Bessie McCollum in Mississippi in 1906. Her career was short-lived, as she died in 1931 after contracting pneumonia, an illness that probably led to heart failure. Smith was primarily an interpreter of blues and gospel music, performing on the gospel circuit.

Her unique style of playing the piano incorporated gospel, blues, and jazz styles, and earned her the nickname “Queen of the Blues.” But it’s not just her music that’s noteworthy—her presence in the middle of an all-male entertainment industry was as important as her talent. In 1927, Smith told an interviewer: “I know I’m the first negro woman in this country.

Around the globe there are many celebrities who love jazz which are listed below.

Celebrities who love Jazz .

It may seem strange that celebrities love jazz, but there are a few reasons why they are captivated by the sounds. First of all, jazz music is often associated with escapism, something that many celebrities find easy to relate to. Another reason celebrities are attracted to jazz is its syncretic and international mix. Jazz music doesn’t fit into a traditional genre structure, instead evolving over time through the ingenuity of jazz musicians.

This was certainly the case with Louis Armstrong, arguably the most famous jazz musician of all time. Finally, jazz music often contains powerful emotional and spiritual imagery. Think of Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” and how it deals with lynchings in America or the significance of Curtis Mayfield’s 1968 song, “People Get Ready.

List of Celebrities Who Love Jazz

But for a genre whose roots are rooted in African-American communities in the southern states, there are quite a few Caucasian stars that have incorporated jazz into their very makeup. From John Mayer, to Bob Marley, to Spike Lee, to John Legend, and many others like

More celebrities who love jazz are as follows :-

Clint Eastwood

Jeff Goldblum (piano)

Chevy Chase (piano)

Jackie Gleason

Penn Jillette (bass player)

Malcolm Jamal-Warner (plays bass)

Peter Weller (Robocop; trumpet)

Harvey Korman (big jazz fan)

Jack Lemmon (plays piano- once sat in on a gig I was on)


As Africa is the original home of the human race and Jazz music being a result of cultural movement within the African diaspora, it is an important source of inspiration and a great source of positive influence on our culture. The piece was produced by celebrities who love jazz like Tony Banks and he was working with Giles Martin and Geoff Emerick. This song marked a huge turning point in the sound of the band, moving from a reggae influenced sound to a new sound with a lot of symphonic influences.

The music industry was so mad they asked for more and more. Reggae had never had such an impact on music and was still out selling albums and breaking every record in the world, but after this change, they needed to re-brand their sound.

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