Dana Aliya Levinson | 29 years Super Transgender Actor.

Dana Aliya Levinson | 29 years Super Transgender Actor.


Dana Aliya Levinson is an actress, composer, and writer. She is born in 1992 in New York, United States of America. She usually works on American television. She is especially known as a transgender advocate.

She is famous for her roles as Toni Rykener on the television series “American Gods”. She plays the role of Sadie Lipton in “The Good Fight”. And also Hazel played in an independent film named Adam, which has been premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2019.

The early life of Dana Aliya Levinson

Dana Aliya Levinson was born in Great Neck, New York. Her father, Lee Levinson is a dentist, and her mother Amy Levinson is a jewelry designer. She has two brothers, Daniel Levinson and Michel Levenson. Her younger brother Daniel Levinson is a famous author.

Her other brother is a screenwriter and comedian. Dana’s family members are well established in their own position.

Dana belongs to the Jewish ethnicity. She has got full facilities in her childhood. Her childhood was awesome rather to other normal children. She is upbringing in a majority town of Jewish. So we can see its effect on her creative perspective and voice as a writer.

Education of Dana Aliya Levinson.

Before coming to the movie industry. Dana was fully prepared for her education. She eventually completed her study and come into this industry. She is one of the actresses in Hollywood who kept an interest in political situations around the world.

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Dana Aliya Levinson attended Great Neck South High School as the Village School. Later, She join The New School and earned a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts (BFA) in global studies and focused on Franco- the Algerian relationship and Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

Career of Dana Aliya Levinson

Dana Aliya Levinson started her Hollywood career as a musical theater artist at the age of 18 in 2010. Her career started in New York City Metropolitan Area. She worked on music and lyrics for “MADAME”, and “5th Republic “, developed at NYMF, Broadway au Carri in Paris.

Similarly, at the start of her career, She worked in Television as a Scriptwriter. She wrote “FRAUD”, a one-hour drama, and was listed as one of the top eight unmade LGBTQ pilots of 2022 on GLAAD List. She works on “Harry potter and the sorcerers” as a specific script writer.

Dana Aliya Levinson giving shoot for film Adam. Source Instagram.

After writing a script, and musical arrangements, Dana started an acting career. She started as the lead role of Grace in a play at Diversionary Theater in San Diego. she played the role of Hazel. In this role, she plays a translesbian political activity.

She plays the role of Toni Rykener. In this role, she is a trans woman. She plays in the series ” American Gods on Starz recognized by movie critics for her role.

She appeared in The Good Fight as Sadie Lipton. In this role, she plays as a trans women swimmer and attempts to qualify for the Olympics games.

Dana’s The Dress You Have On, which is premiere at OutFest in 2018. Dana is seeing recently movies like Fraud and The Gray Man.

List of Movies and Short Video of Dana Aliya Levinson.

Dana Aliya Levinson started her full-time acting profession in 2019, for the television series Adam which is directed and narrated by Rhys Ernst and Ariel Schrag. later she acted in other series and movies. Some of her popular movies, t.v series, and directions are given below:

The Gray Man 2022

Fraud 2022

Serafina 2021

American Gods 2021

Dear Aunt Noa 2020

The Good Fight 2020

Adam 2019

The Dress You Have on 2018

Dear Aunt Noa 2021

Social Media Life

Dana Aliya Levinson is found part of acting and theater works on Social Media. She expanded her fan base with impressive modeling and amazing fashion-influencing videos and pictures on her Instagram handle.

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In 2015, she joined Instagram and shared her amazing content on it which guided her to get fame around the world. Now, in the current period, Dana has gained a massive fan base of several thousand followers. Now She is on TikTok Click Here. Enjoy her TikTok Videos.

Unknown facts – Dana Aliya Levinson is also the best singer.

Yeah, She is one of the best singers. She usually comes live on Instagram and gave her awesome performance. Her fan followers also support her nicely.

Here is one of the best live videos on Instagram by Dana. Enjoy It.

Net Worth of Dana Aliya Levinson.

Dana Alia Levinson is a famous actress, writer, and artist who usually performed on American television. she acted in many theaters and movies. she won the hearts of thousands of followers with her skills.

The net worth and earnings of the popular actress Dana Alia Levinson is about $7.4 million USD. She earns being an actress, collaborating with numerous fashions and skincare brands. She is actively working on multiple movies and television series along with other business enterprises.

Personnel Life/ Romantic Life of Dana Aliya Levinson.

Till now, Dana has not revealed any actual information related to her personal/love status. So regarding this topic, we can assume that she is single and focused on her career.

Dana's personal life is a little bit tough. She transforms her from one form to another form. Regarding this transition, Dana Aliya Levinson states as follows.

“I felt like I had hit a wall in my life and I wasn’t going to surpass it unless I was living my truth.”
Six years ago this month I informed my parents and began informing my closest friends that I was going to medically transition. Some of them, my parents included, had known of my transness for years, but for too long I had convinced myself that medical transition was not necessary for me. God was I wrong.
Unsurprisingly, I’ve been feeling all reflective this weekend. I was thinking about this shoot and article from way back when that the above quote is from. It was only seven months since I had come out completely publicly.

My friend @krystaljoybrown asked if I wanted to be interviewed for a piece for Spirit and Flesh Magazine.

I said yes, and one super sweaty late spring day, we went and did this photo shoot in Queens. I went back and reread the article a few weeks back and the above quote stuck out to me. It stuck out to me because sometimes I get so wrapped up in where I am that I forget where I came from.

Instagram post of Dana Aliya Levinson.
Dana Aliya Levinson after the transition images. Image credit Instagram of Dana.


This is my birthday month. It’s also the month that six years ago, I resolved to myself that I wouldn’t go one more birthday not living authentically. Reflecting on those words, over the last six years I have done things I would’ve never imagined.

For so long, internalized transphobia made me believe that transition would be the end of my life when really, it was just the beginning.


Congrats my beautiful sweet past self. Congrats on doing what you thought was unimaginable, and for being here today better for it.



Instagram post of Dana Aliya Levinson.

The lifestyle of Dana Aliya Levinson.

Dana Aliya Levinson, Consumes alcohol and she still has not disclosed about smoking habit. She drives, swims, cooking, jogs, and is a yoga Practitioner. Dana is living a luxurious lifestyle with all of her family members.

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Diana Aliya Levinson is an amazing and charming film personality. She accumulated global popularity in a short span of time by acting in numerous movies and television series. In addition, she is gaining fame as a social media star.

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