Dinora Santana, best woman | 1st wife of Danis Alves.

Dinora Santana, best woman | 1st wife of Danis Alves.

Dinora Santana is a Brazilian Female Sporting Agent. She was Born In Juazeiro, Bahai. She is more famous as an ex-wife of Dani Alves. Dinora and Dani got married to Dani in 2008. They share two children, named – Daniel Alves and Victoria Alves

Dinora Santana and Daniel Alves in Beach with children. | Image source whosdatedwho.com

Dani Alves is a famous Spanish football star. By profession, Dinora is a Sporting agent from Brazil. Dinora is the first wife of Dani Alves. Dinora got married in her mid-thirties. Dinora and Danis managed their love relationship for up to 6 years.

After the successful 6 years of a love relationship, they tie a knot of marriage. But unfortunately, due to some disputes, they got divorced. Currently, Dinora is living as a single mother. But Dani got married for the second time to his current wife, Joana Sanaz. Dani and Joana married in 2017.

Dinora Santana | Life History.

The exact date of birth of Dinora is not available. By her marriage year, we can only guess her age. She may be in her mid-forties now around, 40-45.

At an early age at 19 years, she started a job in a local bank. Eventually got more interested in sports. She got many opportunities to involve in the world of Football. After some struggling stories, she got approved by FIFA for their sporting agent.

Dinora Santana with her ex-husband in public programs. | imagesource whosdatedwho.com

Dinora is a sharp business-minded woman. She owed much business with Dansi. Among them, Flashforward S.L. is a famous business. She successfully managed many contracts and deals. Most of their business’s headquarters are in Brazil. She helps Dani Alves as a sporting agent of him. Gradually both of them fall in love relationship and later they got married.

Among, Dinor’s most famous contract deals, extending the contract of Danis in F.C. Barcelona. And later she is able to transfer Danis to Paris Saint-German.

What happens after Divorce?

After divorce as a more ambitious woman. She becomes a role model for single mothers. She taught single mothers how to take charge of their life after breaking down. She also taught them how to rise up again. Actually, Dinora is a bold and actionable woman. She never wants to take a rest. She is still struggling with other single mothers for a better life.

Dinora Santana with her ex-husband | image source whosdatedwho.com

After breaking down, Dinora keeps her life more secret and private. She doesn’t appear in public programs and social media life also. She is anonymously working for the betterment of life.

Dinora and Danis are still in connection as a friend only. For the better future of their child, Dinora and Danis are still in a friendship relationship. They didn’t want to make their children parentless. For this Dinora has comprised her personal life. She is still single.

Dinora Santana family details are not available in the media. If we got something new we will update this article immediately.

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