Amazing 10 Fact about Dwayne Johnson Children

Amazing 10 Fact about Dwayne Johnson Children

Fact about Dwayne Johnson Children.

Dwayne Johnson children are Simone Alexandra Johnson, Jasmine Johnson, and Tia Gia Johnson. Johnson has 2 wives named Lauren Hashian and Dany Gracia.

From Lauren Hashain Jasmie and Tia are born and from Dany Simone was born. Simone is also an Model. Dwanyne Johnson is an favorite actor and wrestler also.

Who is Dwayne Johnson ?

His original name is Dwayne Douglas Johnson. Rock’s nicknames are Dewey, The Rock, The People’s Champion, The Brahma Bull

Dwayne Johnson was born in may 2, 1972 in california. He is also famous for wwe championship.
On the wrestling ring He used to called as a ROCK.

Dwayne Johnson Children
Rock on bike

Rock’s Wife are :-
First Rock was married to Dany Garcia in 3rd may 1997 and get divorced on 19 may 2008.
Again after 10 years Dwayne Johnson get married to Lauren Hashian on 18 August 2019, and they are happy couple now.

Dwayne Johnson children are Simone Alexandra Johnson, Tiana Gia Johnson and
Jasmine Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson Children Simone Alexandra Johnson

  • . She is youngest female to sign wwe contract.
  • . She is now 19.
  • . She struggles since her childhood and she gets success in her career.
  • . She was born in August 14, 2001.
  • . Her official instagram account is CLICK HERE
  • . Her mother name is Dany Gracia.
  • She is 178 cm or 1.78 m or 5’10”.
  • She is 53 kg and 123 lbs.
  • Her eye color is golden brown.
Simone Alexandra Johnson with her father
Rock with his daughter

Jasmine Johnson

  • . She is a famous child actress.
  • . She is just 5 years old
  • . She is born in US.
  • . Her mother name is Lauren Hashian.

Tiana Gia Johnson

  • . She is the third child of Rock
  • . Her mother is Lauren Hashian.
  • . Her DOB is April 17th 2018, now she almost 3 years.
  • . Her birthplace is United states
  • . Her sister are Jasmin Johnson and Simone Alexandra Johnson.
  • . Her instagram link is Click Here

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