Eva Gabor – Wife of 5 husbands – Strange !!

Eva Gabor – Wife of 5 husbands – Strange !!

Who is Eva Gabor?

Eva Gabor was a Hungarian Actress. Besides acting she is also a successful businesswoman, singer, and socialite of her era. She is widely famous for her best character in the Television sitcom (situation comedy) entitled Green Acres. She plots herself in the character name Lisa Douglas.

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Eva Gabor a beautiful actress on her era. Image Source – TCM

She also gave her voice as Duchess and Miss Bianca in Disney Films like The Aristocats, The Rescuers, and The Rescuers Down Under.

Early Life

Eva was born on February 11th, 1919 in Budapest, Hungary. She died on July 4th, 1995. At the age of 76, She died in Los Angeles, California, United States.

She is also known by her nickname called, Áva Gábor. She holds Hungarian citizenship. Gabor was a successful businesswoman in her time. She opened the business of wigs in 1972. Her business partner was Luis Estevez. Luis was an American fashion designer.

Family Tree of Eva.

Eva was a youngest daughter of her parents. Her father’s name is Vilmos Gabor and her mother’s name is Jolie. Her father’s proffesion was a Hungarian Soilder and her mother was a jeweler by profession.

  • Great-grandmother – Dorottya Stein
  • Grandmother – Franceska Tilleman
  • Grandfather – Joseph Tilleman
  • Great-aunt – Ethel Reinhertz
  • Mother – Jolie Gabor
  • Aunt – Dora Tilleman
  • Aunt – Sydonia Tilleman
  • Aunt – Zseni Tilleman
  • Aunt – Rozalie Tilleman
  • Uncle – Sebastian Sebi Tilleman
  • Grandfather – Salamon Grün
  • Grandmother – Rozália Kluger
  • Father – Vilmos Gabor
  • Uncle – Joseph Gabor
  • Uncle – Lajos Gabor
  • Sister – Magda Gabor
  • Sister – Zsa Zsa Gabor
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  • Step Father – Count Edmond Odon De Szigethy
  • Niece – Francesca Hilton

Professional Career

Eva Gabor started her professional career in the era the 1950s. Her first movie role was in United State entitled Forced Landing under the banner of Paramount Pictures.

Throughout her career breaks in the 1950s, she performed in numerous movies, theatre roles, and Television roles. Her famous feature film is The Last Time I saw Paris. In this film, she got a chance to work with Elizabeth Taylor.

Eva Gabor on her first movie role Forced Landing – Image source Getty images.

After 3 years in 1953, she launched her own TV talk show. The name of that talk show was The Eva Gabor Show. This show runs for only one season.

On the rest years in the gap of 1950s-60s. She appeared in multiple TV roles and Movies. Some of the best movies, theater roles,s and TV shows of Eva areas listed below.

1941 Forced Landing
New York Town
Pacific Blackout

1942 Star Spangled Rhythm
1945 A Royal Scandal
1946 The Wife of Monte Cristo
1949 Song of Surrender
1952 Love Island
1953 Paris Model
1954 The Mad Magician
Captain Kidd and the Slave Girl
The Last Time I Saw Paris

1955 Artists and Models

1957 The Truth About Women
My Man Godfrey
Don’t Go Near the Water

1958 Gigi
1959 It Started with a Kiss
1963 A New Kind of Love
1964 Youngblood Hawke
1970 The Aristocats
1977 The Rescuers
1979 Nutcracker Fantasy
1987 The Princess Academy
1990 The Rescuers Down Under

1950-51 The Happy Time
1956 Little Glass Clock
1958 Present Laughter
1963 Tovarich
1983 You Can’t Take It with You.

1951 Tales of Tomorrow
1953 The Eva Gabor Show

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1954–1955 Justice
1957 What’s My Line?
1959 Five Fingers
1960–1961 Harrigan and Son
1965–1971 Green Acres
1968 Here’s Lucy
1969 Wake Me When the War Is Over
1973–1982 Match Game
1975 Tattletales
Ellery Queen
1977 The Love Boat
1981 Fantasy Island
1982 Hart to Hart
1983 The Edge of Night
1990 Return to Green Acres
Close Encounters
1993 The Legend of the Beverly Hillbillies

Awards and Achievements.

Eva’s biggest achievement is her sitcom personal talk show entitled The Eva Gabor Show. No other awards are mentioned in her entire career.

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Reason Of Death

The reason for the untimely demise of Eva was a failure in the respiratory system due to pneumonia. She falls on a bathtub in Mexico, which compels her to admit to a hospital bed. This accidental fall in the bathtub cause her difficulties with the respiratory system and later on followed by Pneumonia.

The funeral ceremony of Eva Gabor was carried out after a week of demise date on July 11th, 1995. This funeral ceremony was organized in the church name Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Beverly Hills.

Marriage and Relationships.

Eva Gabor got married five times. But she is not blessed with any children from any spouse of her life.

Name list of Husbands of Eva

  • Eric Valdemar Drimmer – Married on June 1939 and divorced on February 25, 1942.
  • Chalres Isaacs – Married on September 27, 1943 and divorced on April 2,1949.
  • John Elbert Williams – Married on April 4, 1956 and divorced on March 20, 1957.
  • Richard Brown – Married on October 4, 1959 and divorced on June 1973.
  • Frank Gard Jameson Sr – Married on September 21, 1973 and divorced on 1983.

Marriage Relationship with Frank was also a childless but Eva got a chance to become a stepmother of Frank’s four childrens.

Quick Fact of Eva

  • Name – Eva Gabor
  • Nationality – Hungarian
  • Height – 1.58 m tall.
  • Weight – 55 kg
  • Hair color – Not Available
  • Eye color – Not Available
  • Body Size – Not Available
  • Marital status – Divorced with 5 husbands
  • Childrens – No
  • Age – Died at 76 years.
  • Sexual orientation – Straight forward
  • Birth place – Budapest, Hungary
  • Date of Birth – 11 february 1919
  • Date of Demise – 4 July 1995
  • Profession – Sitcom, Singer, Actress, and socialite.

Net worth

As of 2022, Eva Gabor has earned networth of around $35 million. She wrote her fortune herself. She earned all of this incomes through the source of acting, business and situation comedy (sitcom) tv shows.

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