Gracyn Shinyei age 15 | All-Around Awesome Child Artist.

Gracyn Shinyei age 15 | All-Around Awesome Child Artist.

Who is Gracyn Shinyei?

Gracyn Shinyei is a famous child artist. She is just 15 years old. She loves to act, voiceover, dance and sings. She works in film and TV shows at the age of 5. She is famous for some fun roles. She act in When Call the Heart (2014) as Emily Montgomery. She also portrait role in The man in the High Castle (2015) as Amy Smith. She also plays a guest role in cartoon series for the first time in 2019.

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She started acting at age 3 when her older brother Valin would do the voiceovers. She loved to act and I was shy and quiet. In kindergarten, She began learning her craft by studying in private classes with some of Hollywood’s top acting coaches.

She focused her training on performing, drawing, acting in a variety of genres, such as Theater, and movies. When she was 12 when She began working on her first roles. she did a guest role on an ABC Family series “Chasing Life” at age 12 and another starring role in an independent feature film “Bare Bones” at age 13.

At 14 She joined the Young Actors Studio in Los Angeles to hone her craft and continue her education. On asking the question, What did you want to be when you grew up? She replied- When I was younger, I wanted to be a famous author, a film director, or a Broadway actress.

How did Gracyn get into acting?

When her Mom is an actress and loves to act. Her mother took her with her to all the auditions and put her in the theater when she was a baby. She brought Gracyn to auditions for soap operas and she wanted to be on the set. She is pretty lucky to have such an awesome mother.

Describe Gracyn in 3 words. Sweet, sassy, and full of energy. What do you like most about acting? I love singing and acting. I love being on camera and watching myself on camera. I think I get that from my mom. She loves to be in front of the camera.

What was your first experience with acting? My first experience was with As The World Turns. It was really funny. It was so strange being on set because I’d been seeing my mom do it all my life. I really didn’t know what to do.

What is Gracyn’s favorite thing to act in?

  • What is Gracyn Shinyei favorite thing to act in? “Chuck” (2018)
  • When was the last time you had fun on set? “Girl Meets World” (2015) When was the last time you had fun on set? “Girl Meets World” (2015)
  • What was your favorite part about working on “Girl Meets World”? “Girl Meets World” (2015) What is your favorite cartoon show? “My Little Pony” (2011-2015)
  • What would you like to be when you grow up? “Count Duckula” (2011) What is Gracyn’s favorite food? “Apple Pie”
  • What do you love to do outside of acting/voice/dancing? “Gymnastics, Violin, Shop, Talk To People”
  • What did you want to be when you were a kid? “An inventor”
  • What was your favorite thing about acting when you started? “Duck Tales” (2015)

Who is Gracyn Shinyei favorite character to play?

She has loved all of her roles to date. The girl on the plane, Amy Smith from The Man in the High Castle, will always be a favorite.

What inspires her to want to keep acting? All the amazing people she meets in this business. Seeing their passion for their work inspires me. I want to keep creating, getting better at what I do, and also create characters for people to watch who inspire them to be the best person they can be.

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What’s the most exciting project that she has been involved with? She loves being a part of this production in front of the camera. Her favorite moment is the tea party scene.

What is her favorite method of transportation? The best thing about Los Angeles is she has two different ways to go places.

What is Gracyn’s favorite song?

“Defying Gravity” (Il Divo). Why is she proud to be a Canadian? “Because I am Canadian, and you know Canada is awesome.”

She is excited to be one of the new stars of Nickelodeon’s signature franchise, SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton’s Souvenir Store, as Pat Whalen, the love interest of Squeeze-Me-In-Effing-Carby Guy.

Does she have a message to send to her fans and supporters? “Just keep doing what you’re doing! Everyone out there who supports me, just know how much it means to me, and keep supporting Canadian talent!”

Would she like to add a few names to her impressive list of works? “I’d like to thank my mom and dad for everything that they do for me, and my manager Kristin Parisi for taking my career to the next level. Also, Scott Rudin, Mimi Marks, and Danielle Schwartz.

Net worth of Gracyn Shinyei

She has earned $100k to $1M in 2020. Her net worth is increasing day by day.


I have often said that parents who consciously or unconsciously neglect their child’s performing talent are missing a golden opportunity that would make the difference between living and dying in a not too distant future.

I call this Golden Opportunity the “Voice and Actors Golden Ticket.” It’s better that they invest in their child’s voice and acting talent now than pay a high price later. The reward is two-fold: you get to watch your child’s talents develop over time, and your child gets to feel that their talent is their own.

It’s a great feeling when you see your child succeed, which is doubly great when your child feels good about themselves as a result of the success of others. “

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