Introducing Top 7 Ryan Gosling Facts

Introducing Top 7 Ryan Gosling Facts


Ryan Gosling Facts are the most interesting facts. Ryan Gosling is a Canadian Actor. He was born in the 1980s. He is the first person to be nominated for the best actor Oscar among 1980s actors. His full name is Ryan Thomas Gosling. His date of birth is 1980/11/12 in London, Ontario, Canada.

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Till now Ryan’s net worth is up to $71 million. Ryan’s net worth is increasing day by day. He is becoming a more popular and busy actor among his colleague.

Ryan gosling family tree :

Ryan gosling’s wife’s name is Eva Mendes. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have two children named Esmeralda Amada and Amada (second child). Esmeralda Amada turns two years now.

His parent’s name are Donna (Wilson), a secretary and Thomas Ray Gosling, a travelling salesman. Ryan Gosling was the second child of his parents. Ryan Gosling have an older sister called Mandi. Ryan gosling wife name is Eva Mendes.

Ryan Gosling Facts
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Ryan Gosling Facts About Body :

Body size44 (chest), 33 (waist)
ryan gosling facts about height6 feet 1 inch
ryan gosling facts about hairBrown (dyed)
ryan gosling beard cool and sexy looks
ryan gosling weight175 pounds (79.38 kg)
ryan gosling absNormal,16 inches biceps
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Do you know how old is Ryan Gosling till today? If no then we are here to pass you information about Ryan Gosling Facts. Ryan is 40 years, 3 months, 18 days till now.

Still being 40 years Ryan gosling looks more sexy and handsome. Ryan gosling workout hard to maintain his body figure.


After moving towards Cornwall, Ontario Ryan was homeschooling by his mother. He attended Gladstone Public School after homeschooling. Ryan’s parents get divorced and then his mother takes all his responsibilities. So Ryan is homeschooled by his mother.

After the divorce of his parents, Ryan was diagnosed with the disorder called Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common mental disorders affecting children. So his mother quit her job to take care of his son.

At the age of 12, Ryan gave the audition in “The Mickey Mouse Club” and he was signed there for 2 years.
Later Ryan attended Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational High School to finish his Drama and Fine arts. After his completion of study his family

Again Ryan Family migrate to Burlington in Ontario, Where Ryan completed his higher schooling at Lester B. Pearson High School.


Canadian actor Gosling starts his career from the very beginning at the age of 12. And at the teenage, he acts like a child actor in the teenage comedy series called ” Breaker High”. He also played a supportive role in the football drama and “Remember The Titans”

Ryan made a breakthrough role in 2004 cast as Noah in “The Notebook” which is a romantic drama film. The movie was about the love story of a couple in the early 1940s. This movie was a record-breaker movie of that time and hence from this movie Ryan established himself as an actor.

After few years later, Ryan played in the dramatical film called “Half Nelson” which was about the lady school teacher who tries to establish love affair relationship with one of his students. For this role Ryan was nominated for Academy Award.

Around 2007 Gosling act in the comedy-drama “Lars and The Real Girl” and was highly appreciated in his acting. Again in 2013, he acts in the action crime thriller movie named “Gangster Squad” as a Sr. Jerry Wooters.

Back to back Ryan was making a breakthrough in the acting world. He again in 2014 directed the movie name called “Lost River”, but the film was poorly reviewed and hence he cannot compete in the Cannes Film Festival 2014.


DateName of Movies
1993The All New Mickey Mouse Club
1997Breaker High
1998Young Hercules
2000Remember The Titans
2001The Believer
2002Won Golden Aries award
2004The Notebook
2006Half Nelson
2010Blue Valentine
2011Crazy Stupid, Drive and Los Idus de Marzo
2012The Place Beyond The Pines
2017Blade Runner 2049, Most awaited science fictional sequel
2018First Man
ryan gosling facts

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