Isabella Strahan | Gorgeous Girl

Isabella Strahan | Gorgeous Girl

Who Is Isabella Strahan?

Isabella Strahan is a star kid of Michael Strahan. Isabella is a teenage girl. She is only 18 years old. She is a rising athlete and model. She is interested in playing volleyball. She is incredibly tall and she is fit for volleyball also.

Isabella is a daughter of a famous ex-NFL player and Co-host of Good morning America, Michael Strahan. Isabella’s mother’s name is Jean Muggli.
Her mother Jean is an American and her father Michael is African.

Isabella Strahan and her sister and father |Image source Sophia Instagram Account.

Both of them are separated, but Isabella and her siblings live together with their father. Jean and Michael welcomed their twin daughter in 2004. After 2 years in 2006, they got separated. Michael told that her wife Jean abused their twin daughters.

Michael is very sure that her daughter Isabella is a future brilliant volleyball player. He is proud to be her father. Recently her father shared a photo on Instagram showing that Isabella is a future volleyball player.

Isabella’s quick facts.

Name:- Isabella Strahan.
DOB:- 28th Oct 2004
Current Age:- 18 years
Gender:- Female
Residence:- North Carolina
Zodiac Sign:- Scorpio
Father:- Michael Strahan
Mother:- Jean Muggli
Birthplace:- United States of America.
Shoe size:- 6
Twin sibling (Sister):- Sophia From Jean

Isabella and Sophia | Image source Instagram of Sophia

Weight:- 50kg (110 lbs in a pound)
Height:- 5 feet 5 inches (164cm)
Color of Hair:- Brown (Honey color)
Color of Eyes:- Black
Other Siblings:- Tanita, Michael Strahan Jr. are from first wife Wanda Hutchings.
Grand Father:- Gene
Grand Mother:- Louise
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Story of parents of Isabella Strahan.

In 2020, Michael Strahan filed a case against Jean Muggli. Michael claims that Jean abused Isabella and Sophia both Physically and Mentally.

Michael also claimed that Jean seized the passports of Isabella and Sophia and stop them to move for their European vacations also. Also Jean controls Isabella and Sophia for outgoing. She stopped them from practicing volleyball, therapy sessions, and other events also.

Isabella Strahan Parents’ divorce story. Image source @michaelstrahan Instagram,, and | Image cropped and edited

On the other hand, Jean refused all of these allegations. She claimed that her husband Michael hire a professional spy to watch her each and every time.

Finally, the parents of Isabella Strahan settle down their disputes in 2020, Nov. But these allegations and claims made by Jean and Michael made their parenthood not so good. After the decision of the court, Isabella and Sophia are now living with their father, Michael.

Proud Father Michael Show off skills of Isabella.

This is not the first time that Michael praises his daughters. He is very proud that her daughter had such a skill. Isabella Strahan is also dedicated to her dream. She also wants to make her father proud.

Recently on September 30th, 2021, Michael posted a video on his Instagram account. In this video, Isabella is practicing volleyball on the court. She is wearing a red T-shirt and black shorts. She wears white shoes with white socks and a white knee cap on her knees.

Due to this pandemic causes, she also wears a white mask on her mouth. In this video, she is practicing how to spike the volleyball in the right way. It seems that she is taking it easy. Her height also gave her an advantage on the volleyball court.

Michael captioned the photo and video with –

“That’s my girl!!” Michael wrote in the caption, adding, “Swipe right to @isabella.strahan showing up and showing out on the Volleyball court! #GirlDad.” 

@michaelstrahan instagram account.

In this photo on Instagram, Isabella is looking incredibly tall. This level of height on the volleyball court gives more advantages to Isabella Strahan.

Career of Isabella Strahan.

Isabella and Sophia have also done some modelings also. When Michael and Jean are busy in their divorce case in court. Isabella and her sister Sophia did their first modeling.

Isabella during her modeling with kbswim. Image source

They joined KB swim company for their first modeling. This twin sister posted several photos of modeling. Isabella also loves horse riding.

Up to now, Isabella Strahan has not fixed her future career. But It seems that she will be a good volleyball player.

There is a proverb that morning shows the days, likewise, Isabella shows her career dedication towards volleyball. She is more interested in volleyball. Maybe in the future, she will be a bright volleyball female player.

Jean’s Current Relationship with the twin’s daughter Isabella and Sophia.

Currently, the relationship between mother and daughters seems to be good. According to certain media and the people nearby, they said that both mother and daughters must be in a good relationship.

Some media reports show that Jean and twin daughters Isabella and Sophia also appeared on some public programs and promotional events also. They are also seen in some causal hangouts also.

This all shows that the current relationship between mother and daughter seems fine. These is good symptoms for a healthy relationship.

Isabella’s Father Michael is a good father.

Michael knows the love, care, and guidance of a father is important to children. Because Michael has lost his father during this COVID-19 pandemic. He feels that he should be a good father to his children. So he is taking care of all his four children altogether.

Michael is very proud to be the father of Isabella Strahan. He said that her daughter will be a very brilliant volleyball player. She is a very good athlete also.

We hope Isabella will compete in the upcoming Olympics. Best of luck for her future.

Social Media Presence of Isabella.

Isabella loves to use Instagram and Tiktok for her daily updates. The latest video of Tiktok of Isabella Strahan is shared below. Just have a look.



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Isabella Networth.

Currently, Isabella Strahan is a high school student. So personally she doesn’t have too much net worth for calculation. But She is growing so fast that she will be able to make a significant amount of money as a good net worth statement.

Her father Michael is Multimillinaire.

Isabella Strahan father Michael is an American tv personality, journalist, and formal professional NFL player also. Michael has almost 85 Million USD. Isabella’s father is the richest person. Michael’s net worth can make a bright future for Isabella Strahan and her siblings also.

Michael also has a business of clothing and other business. Isabella and her siblings have access to a private jet. Isabella’s father has generated so much income that all 4 siblings can spend a luxurious life.

More about Isabella Strahan.

Isabella has a pet. The name of the pet dog is Enzo.

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