Jessica Tara Middlebrook: The Hard-working Famous TikToker With Almost 3 Million Of Followers.

Jessica Tara Middlebrook: The Hard-working Famous TikToker With Almost 3 Million Of Followers.

Jessica Tara Middlebrook

Jessica Tara Middlebrook is famous for her fans and she is known as Towtruck Jess. She is also a famous TikToker too. She is very famous for her lip-sync, comedy content creator, and her dance too.

She has got more than millions of views on a video of the song “You’ve Got A Friend in Me”. It’s one of the most popular videos of her all videos. She is also famous for being the champion of spreading fun, positivity, and happiness.

Jessica Tara is on her Tow Truck in a happy mood. Image source Instagram @towtruckjess

This social media star was born on February 5, 1985. As we can’t find any information about her parents on the internet. Even so, we can say that she has got her twin sister through her Instagram post. She is an animal lover too so she has a pet dog at home with her.

She is now staying in Greensboro, North Carolina. being an American, Jessica is of mixed ethnicity. her early life and educational details are under survey. She has more than 46k followers on Instagram.


Since it is a rumor that, Jessica Tara Middlebrook has been married a tow truck driver named Jess Thompson in 2015.

She also occasionally shared her pictures and videos with her children on her Instagram. While, nor She, neither her social media profiles indicate that she is married to someone.

The marital relationship of Jessica Tara Middlebrook is still unclear. But she sometimes posted her pictures with her brother-in-law also. According to the comments sections of her Instagram profile, we can assume that she is married to someone, who is the father of her children.

Jessica Tara Middlebrook and her children. Image source Instagram @towtruckjess

Obviously without a male and female, having children is not possible in nature. It seems that Jessica doesn’t want to reveal her husbands’ details.

Jessica is a mother of three kids. The name of her child is not yet revealed, the second child is Aryn and the youngest child is Maggie. They all hold American nationality and belong to the White ethnicity.

Jessica Tara Middlebrook is a popular social media sensation. She has gained popularity for her looks and her ability to create content that is liked by the masses.

She has created a TikTok account to interact with her fans. The content she posts on these social media platforms is what makes her so popular. She makes her content on TikTok by lip Sync. Among her most popular TikTok video makes her popular is “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman

Jessica Tara Middlebrook also has a large following on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She has been able to gain the attention of thousands of people because of her positive attitude and the comedy content that she posts on different TikTok.

Tara is also a dance instructor and choreographer who has competed in various dance competitions around the world. She also works as a social media manager and content creator for various businesses including American Greetings, Verizon, Keurig Green Mountain, Sonic Drive-In, and more!

Family and Educational Background

Her parents are both engineers and she has one younger sister. She studied at John Paul Young Foundation High School and graduated in 2017 from Southern Methodist University with a Bachelor’s degree in theater arts.

What is her real name and where does she live?

  • Her real name is Jessica Tara Middlebrook. She lives in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Besides this, Jessica has a twin sister also. Her twin sister appears almost all on her Instagram posts.

Jessica Tara Middlebrook with her Twin Sister on her Instagram. Image source Jessica Instagram @towtruckjess

Jessica Tara Middlebrook Custody Battle | Reason Behind The Bar of Jessica.

Jessica has arrested by police in April 2019. The reason of arresting is an accident of a couple named Jerry and Patrica Willard. This couple got accident due to striking on a parked Tow Truck. Unfortunately, that parked Tow Truck was Jessica’s Truck.

Police accused her of improper parking her Tow Truck. Police reports say that Jessica’s Tow Truck was improperly parked overnight on Sumner Church Road. During that accident, Jessica wasn’t on her Truck.

The couple was riding on a motorcycle. At that time the bike strike on the parked tow truck. After the hit, the woman died on the Spot. But Jerry was able to save himself. Immediately Jerry is taken to hospital and his life was saved.

Jerry and Willard on the above image. Image source link | Image credit Diane Durham

This unfortunate accident case got hype on social media. This hype creates a lot of sensation on fans of Jessica on social media. For her lawyer’s fee, her fans started a Go Fund Me page to raise funds. The target of this setup was $50,000. Her fan collects around $35,000. This fund was directly sent to Jessica for her bail and lawyer’s fees.


Jessica Tara Middlebrook is a renowned digital entrepreneur. She sells different products related to clothing items on her website also. She also earns online by selling clothing items. Her annual profit from her online shop is around $200k.

Her main income source is her TOW TRUCK. Additionally, she is a famous TikToker also. She also earns from TikTok also. But once her TikTok account was banned by TikTok due to the reason of TowTruk Accident in 2019.

The estimated value of her net worth is $5 million. This net worth includes her Tow Truck services and her online business setups also.

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