Jonathan Berkery – Interesting story of an Abandoned son of Tom Jones.

Jonathan Berkery – Interesting story of an Abandoned son of Tom Jones.

Who is Jonathan Berkery – a Short Intro.

Jonathan Berkery is born on 27th June 1988. He is a Famous British singer. Berkery is a celebrity kid of Tom Jones aka Sir Thomas John Woodward. Jonathan is also known as Jon Jones. Jonathan is the abandoned son of Tom Jones. Tom and Katherine Berkery are the parents of Jonathan.

Tom Jones is a famous welsh singer. Katherine is a former model and also a real state agent.

How did Tom and Katherine Meet?

During the tour of the USA. In 1987, Tom and Katherine got a chance to set up a relationship for three days. This first sight love got deeper and deeper so the result came out as Jonathan in 1988.

Up to 2-3 months, there are no disputes between Tom and Katherine. They were living as a happy couple. But when Katherine gets pregnant. Tom refuses to take responsibility for the upcoming child.

Jonathan, Tom, and Katherine in one frame. Image collection sources.

There are many ups and downs in the relationship history of Tom and Katherine. Tom was not sure about whose child is in the Katherin womb. Maybe Tom was thinking that a real estate agent Katherine may want to cheat him. So that Katherine can ask for some other monetary things. But Katherine was in deep love with Tom Jones.

In 1989, Tom and Katherine have some legal dispute so a DNA check has to be done. This DNA check gives the parentage right Jonathan Berkery to Sir Tom Jones. After this incident, Tom has to pay £1,700 per month for Jonathan’s upkeep until he turns 18. But still, Jonathan is abandoned by his father.

Refused to accept by Tom Jones.

Many people want to know about the relationship of Jonathan Berkery with his father, Tom Jones. In fact, Tom Jones is the biological father of Jonathan, this is why Jonathan uses his mother, Katherin Berkery, last name.

Due to a lack of father’s love, he started to lean toward a bad gang. He started to smoke weed, start to use cocaine, drugs, and many more. The reason to refuse Jonathan as a son by Tom may be due to the high social status of Tom has. Tom may want a timepass relation with Katherine but he was unaware of a safe relationship.

jonathan berkery images
Jonathan images. Source

When Jonathan was refused to accept as the son by Tom Jones, Jonathan became a drug dealer. Also, he started to carry a gun.

Jonathan is the one and only child of Katherine and Tom. There are no other biological siblings of Jonathan. But, he has one half-sibling brother named Mark Woodward.

Jonathan’s birth sign is Cancer. He is born in the United Kingdom. He is an English citizen and belongs to white ethnicity.

Jonathan Berkery Net worth.

Jonathan has around net worth of $1.5 Million. On the other hand, her mother Katherine has around $10 Million net worth. Similarly, Tom, the biological father of Jonathan Berkery has a net worth of around $300 Million.

The current relationship status of Jonathan.

The all bad incidents happened in his life from drug dealer to jail. Jonathan Berkery might learn a good lesson from his extremely bad life experience. So nowadays he is totally underground to make his career bright and secure future. He is now totally focused to make his career in the music industry.

Jonathan is not available on social media. It seems Jonathan is single. By the way, he loves to maintain his privacy at an extremely high level.

This all stuff shows that Jonathan is repairing his life with golden chances. Perhaps he may be waiting for her dream girl.

Likewise, Life gives one chance to be a hero. Perhaps Jonathan is utilizing these chances to be something big in life.

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