6 Amazing Things You Don’t Know About Kathy Gerrity – Steve Doocy’s Wife

6 Amazing Things You Don’t Know About Kathy Gerrity – Steve Doocy’s Wife

Kathy’s early life

Like Doocy, Kathy Gerrity is also an American and she has US citizenship. She was born on 23rd August 1962. She graduated from Dickinson College in 1983 with a degree in physical education.

Doocy and Kathy Gerrity then moved to New York City. He then went on to work at WRC-TV. At the time, Kathy Gerrity worked as a model for an American clothing company.

steve James Doocy wife Kathy Gerrity source Instagram of Doocy @stevedoocy

In the city, the couple got married on 8th November 1987. Their marriage took place in the city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Kathy’s first marriage

Kathy Gerrity was previously married to a fellow American and actor, Rick Salutdin, from the year 1986 to 1991. They got divorced. Rick has made appearances in Hollywood movies, including Prince of Thieves (1991), Grand Canyon (1992), and Philadelphia (1993).

Kathy and Steve’s love story

The lucky girl accepted Doocy’s proposal and eventually, the two tied the knot on 20th August 1988. During their marriage, Kathy was named an Honorary Deaconess for an Episcopal church.

Their love story was full of ups and downs. The couple decided to get divorced because of a nasty argument. It was believed that she was mistreating the kids because of her personal preferences and demands.

steve james doocy with his wife kathy gerrity during travelling source instagram of doocy @stevedoocy
Kathy Gerrity and her husband Steve during traveling. Image source @stevedoocy

However, the two reconciled their differences and Steve forgave Kathy after a few years of separation. Their marriage lasted for more than two decades and they moved on happily with their life together.

A few years later, Kathy gained recognition as the wife of Fox & Friends co-host and anchor, Steve Doocy.

Kathy Gerrity’s Acting Career

Kathy Gerrity had a very short career as an actress. There is no such infographic information about her acting career.

Kathy Gerrity and Steve’s marriage

After their marriage, Kathy Gerrity and Steve went through a period where they could not take care of each other properly. The past of Kathy is filled with alcoholism as per the accounts of her current husband Steve Doocy. He said that she was acting weird after that, and was absentmindedly talking with people who did not exist.

Kathy Gerrity and her husband publishing their books. Image source Instagram of Doocy – @stevedoocy

This ended the career of Kathy as an actress and model and the couple became sober. At that time, Kathy and Steve became caregivers to their kids. The couple even adopted a second kid from the street. Steve is a biological child to Kathy and one of their adoptive children, Peter Doocy, was their daughter-in-law.

The Last Year Of Their Marriage

After the good times were gone and the couple’s marriage crashed, the couple remained together in many ways.

Family Life of the couple

Mr. Doocy and his wife Kathy Gerrity like to spend their free time with their kids and enjoy their movie nights. When their kids were a little bit younger, the couple is even seen teaching them manners. As they grew up, the parents are even seen going out for dinner to celebrate their special occasions. The couple is happy to celebrate Easter, birthdays, and more celebrations with their kids.

steve james doocy with his wife kathy gerrity during their book publishing source instagram of doocy @stevedoocy
steve with kathy- image source – instagram of doocy.

As per the show, Kathy is very friendly, humble, and open. She believes that having a good relationship with your kids is the only key to happy family life. She also says that being kind and loving is the key to all happy relationships.

She is also humble and honest when it comes to dealing with problems, friends, and family. She doesn’t like lying and not admitting mistakes.

The couple’s children

Peter Doocy is a 21-year-old male born in 1988. He is a special needs assistant. He is also a man of the cloth, serving as the pastor of the Greater Life Community Church in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Mary G Doocy is a 31-year-old female born on 13th August 1989. She is an event planner. She was previously the Event Director at Murphey Candler consulting firm.

Sally G Doocy is a 30-year-old female born on 13th August 1990. She is a freelance model and fitness trainer. She is also a presenter at City Smiles, a mobile dental care program.

About the lovebirds’ relationship

Mr. Doocy proposed to his now-wife on Valentine’s Day 1986. She accepted his proposal and then they were married in November 1987. They also have three children, Peter, Mary, and Sally.

Other facts about Kathy Gerrity

1. She started her modeling career by winning Miss Delaware in the college of the same name.

2. In 1979, she served as Miss Delaware for four consecutive years and was a participant at Miss America 1980.

3. Her first TV appearance was in 1983 when she was on WRC-TV.

4. Her husband Steve Doocy was previously married to Ruth Eggers Doocy for 16 years and the couple has one son together.

5. Steve Doocy is 18 years her senior and they both tied the knot on 2nd September 1986 at age 25.

6. She even made a comeback in her acting career in 1987 where she played a few minor roles in various TV shows.

7. Steve Doocy started dating Kathy in the year 1989 after he got divorced from her former wife. The couple got married on September 2, 1986, and are still happily married.


The couple has been married for over three decades. Though they have been happily married, they never fail to make us go ‘aww in these amazing love moments that we have listed down in the article.

Their candid pictures in their younger days together make their love even stronger today. Moreover, they do not fail to give us marriage goals whenever they post pictures on their social media pages.

At the same time, I am going to reveal to you a number of things you don’t know about Ms. Kathy Gerrity, a celebrity wife. Well, the couple has three kids and they make us feel happy whenever they post pictures together.

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