Kristin Richard: 1 Everything you will know impressive things about her.

Kristin Richard: 1 Everything you will know impressive things about her.

Kristin Richard is a contributor to Runner’s World magazine. She has worked with many magazines like Mile Markers, etc. Kristin Richard was also a good runner.

Kristin Richard

And she has been awarded various awards, including Boston Marathon. After the divorce from her partner, she has become a writer and author.

Kristin Richard and her Ex-partner(Lance Armstrong):

In 1998, they had put on rings of love from each other. Both of them love each other very much.
They had to meet each other in June 1997 at a press conference and fall in love with each other.

Kristin Richard
Kristin Richard and her Ex-partner.

After their marriage, they had given birth to three(3) children. They are Luke Armstrong who was born in October 1999. And the twin’s daughter: Grace Armstrong and Isabelle Armstrong in November 2001.

Because of their personal reason, in 2003 they filed for a divorce. Even though they are not together, but both of them are looking after their children.

Divorce Amount which she had got :

Richard had done divorce with her ex-partner with an amount which was so expensive till today.

net worth of kristin richard

She had got $14 million from Lance Armstrong. After the separation from her Ex-partner, now she is living a single life with her children.

Kristin Richard career and Net worth :

Do you know how much amount does Kristin Richard earns in a year? of course, you will know here because you will know her net worth here. Kristin Richard’s net worth is an estimated $42 million.

Now she is working as a writer and she is happy with that. She had worked with various magazines some of them are USA Today, Glamour, etc and there are many more.

She had written her own books too. Some of them are Heart of my Heart, Happily Ever After, and many more.

Kristin Richard facts are listed below :

  1. She was known as the leading person who can do anything on her own.
  2. She was focusing her career on her partner but it did not last for a long time.
  3. They had done the engagement on May 1, 1998.
  4. They have three children.
  5. They divorced in 2003.
  6. Even though they are separate but they used to care for their children by both of them.
  7. They love their children so much.
  8. Now she is happy even she is single.

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