Linzey Cocker | know 6 amazing facts

Linzey Cocker | know 6 amazing facts

Who is Linzey Cocker ??

Linzey Cocker was born on May 19 1987 in Eccles, Salford, Greater Manchester, England, UK. Now she is 34 years old. Her Birth Sign is Taurus. She is 5 feet and 3 inches (1.6 m). She is a famous Hollywood English Actress

Linzey is a married woman and her husband’s name is Oliver Lee. She has one child. Their Child’s name is Bow Anokee Lee and was born on 27th January 2011. She gave birth to her first child at the age of 23.
Linzey Cocker is from the United Kingdom.

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She graduates from Wentworth High school. Currently known as Ellesmere Park High School, located in Greater Manchester. She becomes more popular for her comedy-drama named Drop Dead Gorgeous. MUG is her debut short film and directed by her husband Oliver Lee.

But currently, Linzey is living with her previous boyfriend, a former soccer player named Adam Tse

Linzey started her career in the dramatic comedy named Drop Dead. Now her latest short film is Life on the Line. She is not a controversial actress.

Linzey Cocker movies and tv shows

List of Linzey cocker Movies and tv shows.

Year Movie and Shows Name Genera
2004ConvictionTv Shows
2006The Innocence Project Tv Shows
2008Waterloo RoadMovie
2008Is Anybody There?Movie
2009Salvage Movie
2012Boys On Film 8 : Cruel Britannia Movie
2013In The FleshTv Show
2013Enemies CloserMovie
2014Life On The LineMovie
2017White GoldTv Show
CurrentOur GirlTv Show
linzey cocker movies and tv shows

Early Life of Linzey

Besides her popularity Media do not know about her past life. After doing some research from her social media profile (Facebook Posts). Currently, she is in a living-together relationship with her boyfriend Adam Tse.

Linzey Cocker in a relationship with Adam Tse.

Adam also adopted Linzey’s daughter Bow Anokee Lee. At the wedding ceremony of Sean Tse (Brother of Adam Tse) and Chelsea. Linzey caught with a bouquet to wish the married couple.

As seen in her social media profile (Facebook Profile). Linzey Cocker and Adam Tse patch up their relationship again on 2018, 26th of January. The beautiful couple is in social media profiles everywhere.

Reasons For Divorce

Before the living together relationship with Adam Tse. Linzey marries to Oliver Lee. Oliver lee is also a well-known face in Hollywood. Oliver has played Tv shows named Hollyoaks: In the City in 2006 in the role of Josh Jones.

Linzey with Adam Tse

Oliver and Linzey have first met at the BBC’s series called Waterloo Road. These beautiful couples started to date with each other and get married in 2010. Then they gave birth to little angle Bow Anokee Lee in January 2011.

No doubt Lee and Cocker are the most lovely couple. During their date-time, they gave enough time to each other. On May 19, 2013, Oliver Lee also make a birthday wish on his Twitter also.

Oliver Lee wishes for Linzey

But the things are not in the favor of these couples so they divorce each other. The main reason for divorce is they both have no time for each other due to their busy schedules. And also Oliver doesn’t give more attention to Linzey. so they decided to get separated from each other. It is also rumored that Oliver started the date with Sophie Johnson.

Net Worth of Cocker

The most famous actress of The Waterloo Road Actress is a millionaire. The current net worth estimation of Linzey has around $4 million.

This is a rough estimation of the net worth of Linzey cocker. There is no official document to justify her net worth.

Linzey is the most hard-working and beautiful actress. So it is remarkable to record her net worth of about $4 million.

Who is Adam Tse??

Adam Tse is a soccer player from the south china club in the 2012-2013 Season. He played 4 seasons for the South club China. He cannot become a successful soccer player like his brother Sean Tse.

Now Adam Tse is a retired soccer player. His brother and he is currently running a coffee shop. The name of their coffee shop is “The Coffer House & Kitchen” in the UK at Monton Road, Eccles, Salford.

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Social Media Links of Linzey.

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