Maria Del Valle Beautiful FOX presenter | With 100k followers

Maria Del Valle Beautiful FOX presenter | With 100k followers

Introduction about Maria De Valle.

Maria Del Valle is a TV personality and as well as a sports journalist also. She is from Venezuela. She grows herself as a sports media personality. She is more famous in Mexico. In Mexico, she works for the FOX sports channel as a news reporter and Host also.

Maria Del Valle on her instagram. Image source Instagram @mariadelvalle16

Maria is a die hard fan of Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara. She always supports her team. She is also a fan of yoga. She does yoga regularly. She also has a youtube channel named Maria Del Valle. She has 71.9k followers on her youtube channel.

Maria is a Social Influencer.

Besides journalism and sports coverage. She is famous on different social media platforms. She is one of the renowned fashion bloggers on different social media.

On different social media platforms like youtube, she teaches her fan followers about different beauty tips, the interior design of day-to-day life for housewives. On her youtube channel, we can find hauls, different makeup tips, and tricks. She also presents her lifestyle and hobbies in her channel.

Occasionally she also posts some vlogs also in her youtube channel. Once this Mexican sports journalist surprised her huge fan followings on her Instagram account. Maria on her Instagram leaves her present life on-screen for her fans to watch.

She captioned her on-screen images by the above messages to her fans. At that time, she showed off her in two pieces. She wears a tiny swimsuit of purple color with green and white strips.

Worst Stalker exposed by Maria.

Once Maria becomes a victim of sexual harassment on her Instagram message box. However, this brave lady exposed that bad stalker.

She once received an explicit image of male genital organs on her Instagram. The sender was @Paco_ValdesMX. This brave lady exposed that stalker on her social media. She also captioned and post a screenshot of that message on her Twitter.

@Paco_ValdexMx account holder delete all his social media presence but the screenshot went viral when Maria exposed him on her Twitter handle.

Followers on social media.

Maria has a huge following fan base in her social media accounts. According to our research, we have found that Maria has the following details about her social media channels and accounts.
Youtube – 71.9k followers
Instagram – 100k followers
Twitter – 682 followers
Facebook – 1520 followers

It seems that she is more famous on Instagram and Youtube channels rather than on Twitter and Facebook.

Personal and career life of Maria

Before sports presenter, she was a model for more than a decade. She has a god gifted very toned beautiful and amazingly sexy body. So She takes advantage of her beautifulness and chooses modeling as a career. After her modeling of one decade, she finds out a new job as a sports presenter on the FOX channel.

Maria del Valle doing yoga. Image source Instagram @mariadelvalle16

She speaks both Spanish and English fluently. In addition to football, she also likes tennis. This beautiful personality is also a great fan of Yoga. She regularly does yoga to maintain her mentally and physically strong.

Love Relationship of Maria Del Valle.

Maria on her Instagram account posted many photos of her lover. She is open to her relationship. Her partner’s name is still unknown. We can check out the following video of her romantic love life.

Maria is a dog lover also.

Maria has a dog named Lorenza. Lorenza is a Labrodar breed. Lorenza is a female dog. Maria loves Lorenza very much that Maria considered her pet as a family member.

Maria’s Dog | Image source Instagram @mariadelvalle16

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