Mariana Luccon – 2 child Mom | Amazing Wife of Roberto Carlos |

Mariana Luccon – 2 child Mom | Amazing Wife of Roberto Carlos |

Who is Mariana Luccon?

Mariana Luccon is a beautiful spouse of a famous former professional Footballer Roberto Carlos.
Mariana and Carlos got married on June 13, 2009, in Terraco Daslu, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. This couple arranged their marriage ceremony in presence of more than 650 guests.

Mariana Close shots. Source

Some famous guests like Brazilian musician Chitaozinho and his wife, Marcia Alves, famous singer and songwriter Alexandre Pires, and his wife Sara Campos have attended Mariana Luccon’s marriage ceremony. Similarly, former Brazillian football players Juninho Paulista and Juliana Giraldo also attend the marriage ceremonies.

Mariana loves to keep her private life more secret. She does not love to be in the hype in media. She is more committed to her family. We can say Luccon is a perfect housewife. Currently, Carlos is a Real Madrid Ambassador.

Roberto started his career in football in Brazil as a forward. But, Carlos plays as a left-back in his total career. Maybe Carlos is the perfect man to be left-back.

It is really hard to manage a family and professional career for a man. Mariana perfectly handles the family so that Roberto got devoted opportunities to focus on his profession.

Mariana Luccon – A short Biography.

Maybe the high level of privacy no media can get the real birth year of Mariana. But still day of birth is known. According to sources Mariana Luccon was born on June 18. She may be 30-32 years old.

Once Carlos revealed that He slept with his former fellow teammate Ronaldo Nazario more than Mariana.

Source – Vergewiki

By Nationality Mariana Luccon is a Brazilian. Similarly by profession Mariana is a physical Therapist. Actually, we can say that Mariana Luccon is a fully devoted wife, mother, therapist, and caring guardian to her family. And the most important thing about her is she does not seek any social media attention.

By birth her Zodiac sign is Gemini. People under this zodiac sign are usually secret keepers, loyal and devoted.

There is a proverb in English, Behind every successful man, there is a woman. And if we carefully read the word “WOMAN”, there is a man. Likewise, For Roberto Carlos, Mariana plays a vital role in becoming a successful and professional footballer.

Mariana on her Instagram

Mariana Luccon becomes the main pillar of Carlos’s family. So she can give full support for Roberto to become a successful footballer. Luck by Chance, Mariana is the perfect woman got by Carlos in his life. Not everyone has some luck to get such a woman like Mariana Luccon.

Mariana Luccon Education.

There are no details about her educational life. But as we are able to know, by profession Mariana is a physical therapist. We can only guess what will be her education qualification according to her profession.

So to be a physical therapist in Brazil, an undergrad degree of 5-year course is required. So this course will provide a license to become a physical therapist in many professional areas.

Mariana Height, Weight, and body measurements.

Mariana Luccon is around 56 kg (123 lbs). Mariana’s hair and eye color are brown, Mariana is around 5ft 5 inches (167 cm). She doesn’t love any tattoos, so in her body, there are no single tattoos.

Mariana with her daughters and Carlos. Image source Carlos official Instagram @oficialrc3

Mariana Family details.

Mariana Luccon always maintains her privacy. She doesn’t like to disclose anything specific about her family matter. Especially in media, she does not spokes a single word about her family.

She has kept a lot of secrets about her family. So we are not able to get more details about her family. As soon as we got something new about her family details, we will update her. So stay in touch with us.

Is Mariana Luccon is still alive?
In some internet sources, there is a rumor at one time that Marian is no more. But please ignore all of these rumors and hoaxes. Mariana is still alive and kicking.

Source – deadorkicking

Mariana and Roberto Relationships.

Mariana Luccon is a mother of two children. Mariana shares two children with Carlos among 11 children. Mariana’s first child is a daughter named, Manuela da Silva Rocha. Mariana gave birth to her first child Manuela in 2009.

Similarly, Mariana gave birth to her second child named, Marina da Silva Rocha in July 2017.

Carlos has 7 wives. From those 7 women, he gave birth to 11 children. It seems to be like that, Carlos wanna build a whole football team.

Mariana Luccon Net-worth

There is no specific data about Mariana’s Net-worth. But being a celebrity spouse, we can only guess that she may have around $10M net-worth. And also she is a physical therapist. So $10M is a lower amount of net worth.

Our source is not responsible for a greater or lesser amount of Mariana’s net worth. Due to Mariana’s privacy, we can only guess what will be the amount.

But we can say that Mariana’s lifestyle is luxurious. She can enjoy all the things in her life.

Social Media presence of Mariana.

Mariana Luccon is active on Instagram but she keeps her Instagram account in private mode. This shows how Mariana is concerned about her private life.

There are 1673 posts and 517 followers (up to now) on Instagram. Her Instagram handle is @mari18freitas.

We cannot get any other social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn of Mariana.

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