Meet Matty Cardarople | 9 Amazing things

Meet Matty Cardarople | 9 Amazing things

Matty Cardarople has appeared in ABC’s Selfie, Jurassic World, Stranger Things and because the “Henchperson of Indeterminate Gender” within the TV series Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.

He also was a smaller character within the Big Sick, a romantic comedy directed by Michael Showalter. he’s set to seem within the upcoming feature , American Cherry and FX’s Reservation Dogs.

1. Matty Cardarople has acting since he was nine

Matty Cardarople is 29 years old and he played more than 8 films, as a kid. He did theatre for 13 years and studied at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he graduated with a degree in Acting. Matty Cardarople loved music and drama and wanted to be a musician.

But when he was a kid he went to a piano lesson and saw the pianist do a song and dance, and he was really drawn to that. Matty Cardarople kept going to lessons, but also started taking voice lessons. He comes from a family of performers “I have a big family of artists and musicians.

Matty Cardarople during photoshoot

Matty Cardarople dad is one of the world’s best jazz percussionists and piano players. My mother was an opera singer who worked professionally until she had kids. My sister went on Broadway for three years and was in a high school production of The King and I.

2. Matty Cardarople studied in acting college

Born in New York City and raised in Rhode Island, Cardarople attended Rhode Island College on a basketball scholarship. He studied film there, and acting was not his focus. But Cardarople developed an interest in the craft, and began to consider acting a career.

He continued to practice his craft as he moved on to the University of Hartford, where he earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in acting. 3. He’s been in the film and TV industry for a long time Cardarople’s most notable role to date has been as Fran on Selfie, the debut feature film from writer-director Alex Ross Perry.

However, Cardarople has been on the showbiz scene for some time. In 2016, he acted opposite Melissa George in The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet. He also had a role in Hulu’s The Path.

3. He was on the board of directors for the Screen Actors Guild

Matty Cardarople served on the SAG-AFTRA Board of Directors from 2004-2005 and again from 2008-2009. SAG merged with AFTRA in 2013. In 2016, he co-founded Short Term Dreams, which creates, funds and develops short-term employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Matty Cardarople studied theater at the University of Alabama He received a BFA in Acting at the University of Alabama in 2001 and is currently a member of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), which is the union that represents professionals in the motion picture and television industries.

He serves as the Communications Director for A Step Forward, an organization founded by actor Cory Michael Smith and Barbara Colby that assists children with cancer in Chicago.

4. He has a YouTube channel

While most actors tend to prefer one medium over another, Cardarople is committed to one thing: YouTube. His channel is filled with short clips and skits, which mostly feature him playing video games and doing other random scenes.

Some of his most popular videos include playing through the N64 game Starfox 64, and playing through Halo Guardians. He wants to be a supporting actor in an action film He told NBC he wants to work with Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Jackie Chan.

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5. Matty Cardarople directed short films also.

Since 2014, Matty Cardarople has directed two shorts, Skate & Drink and The Hammer. The former has screened at film festivals including L.A. Shorts and Brooklyn’s L.A. Shorts Fest, while the latter, directed with his wife, Sabrina Cardarople, won a Best of the Fest prize at Columbus, Ohio’s iFilm Festival and was nominated for the Short Film Grand Jury Prize at Los Angeles’ Animation Is Film Festival.

He also helped with producing and serving as cinematographer for Hinder Films’ third feature, To Lose His Head in a Sea of Love. READ MORE: How The L Word brought lesbian characters into the mainstream. He was born in New Jersey Cardarople grew up in New Jersey. His father is of Lebanese descent and his mother of Brazilian descent.

6. He’s a voice actor

In addition to being a character actor, Cardarople has worked as a voice actor. His first gig was the 2008 Disney animated feature Cars 2, which he voiced Mr. Garmadon, the evil mayor of Motown. This character reprised his role in the 2011 sequel Cars 2: The Video Game. In the 2012 Fox comedy Touch, he voiced the role of Snail.

He also voiced the character Mr. E in the 2017 film The Boss Baby and voiced a support character in the 2017 film, The Star. Matty Cardarople is a clothing designer “I love making shirts, hoodies, mouse pads, skateboards, backpacks, and magnets,” Cardarople told Off Camera. He is currently designing shirts and hoodies for Sky’s the Limit, a new line of clothing developed by Chris Carradine, the oldest son of Bob Carradine. The line is the creation of his family.

7. He’s made his own music

In 2016, Cardarople released a two-song single called “Coffee” in celebration of his move to Los Angeles. It includes the songs “Coffee” and “Barista.”. He’s doing a digital show In December, it was announced Cardarople will be launching a new podcast called “Too Funny to Fail.” It will be executive produced by Cameron Diaz, Rashida Jones, Ben Stiller and Adam McKay, and will have six episodes in its first season.

The first episode is set to debut January 4 on Apple Podcasts, where it will be free to download for the next month. He goes on a real-life mission At the end of each year, Cardarople donates a lot of the proceeds from a video he uploads to YouTube to a charity organization. He has chosen to work with the InterAct Aspirations of Los Angeles program.

8. He’s a photographer

Cardarople is a professional photographer and is available to take headshots for free. To see some of his work, visit the Facebook page He was inspired by John Amos “I have been a fan of John Amos for years and was a big fan of him growing up. I always looked up to his work and performance in Amos’ Toyshop.

Matty Cardarople finally got the chance to work with John in my other project, American Cherry,” Cardarople said. His dad was a cop Cardarople’s dad, who died before he was born, was a detective. “He used to write me letters about what was going on in the patrol division, so I’m really excited to make my movie and I have a lot of my dad in it. It’s a tribute to my dad, but a tribute to law enforcement as well.

9. Matty Cardarople is a dog lover

The prolific character actor has worked with his wife, Julia Robson, on over 20 films. They have one son, Hugo Carlile, together and a three-year-old daughter, Harper. Cardarople considers himself a hands-on father, saying, “I’m not one of these, ‘I’ll pick my kid up and play with her for 10 minutes,’ but I go to the park, I hold hands, we play in the rain.”

He also grew up with dogs as pets. He has been a writer In 2014, Cardarople wrote the book “That’s Not Me! I’ve been to such and such place!”, which is an advice book to help guide people who, for whatever reason, struggle with their gender identity.


Cardarople is a player who shouldn’t be taken for granted as he has the physicality to play most any genre and he also doesn’t have a void in his ability to improvise with a clear and confident flow of speech.

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