Nicholas Pinto – 21-year-old Famous Billionaire

Nicholas Pinto – 21-year-old Famous Billionaire

Nicholas Pinto is a super talented young, 20 year, American entrepreneur, Public Speaker, and Social media personality. Nicholas is born on May 13, 2000, in the United States.

He made an eCommerce website named, LB Scoots, at the age of 13. This website raked $100k in its first year. In this same year, He gave his first keynote speech at NJMEPS’s manufacturing day breakfast hosted by Rutgers University. He is a self-made Billionaire.

Nicholas during his training. Image source Facebook account of Nicholas.

Nicholas Pinto is best known for featuring in Annie (2014) and Lounge (2014). He is also featured in different media, news, and famous website like – Fox Business, HuffPost,, GoodReads, Patch, etc. He graduated high school 2.5 years early than others to work on his business full-time. He is also best known for his public speaking skills and leadership management.

Nicholas may be young but he has a handful of experience in the corporate world. He is mentored by better corporate executives.

How did the Idea rise to Make LB Scoots?

Nicholas Pinto love scooter much more than other vehicles. He loves to drive scooters but he is frustrated due to a wheel breaking down the problem in scooters. He starts to do research about how to solve this problem. So he started to develop his skill to redesign the scooter wheel, which will be easily non-breakable.

After one year of hard and smart labor Nicholas Pinto is able to reinvent the durable wheel. He first makes the step-by-step design to make a wheel. And then to reinvent such durable wheels, Nicholas first burrowed $2000 from his parents as a seedinvest and make 500 wheels. He made wheels of polyurethane. This polyurethane makes the wheel more durable than old plastic wheels.

Nicholas is a young entrepreneur.

The LB in LB Scoots stands for Little Boy. Actually, Little Boy is the name of Nicholas’s dog.

With this reinvention of durable wheels, he became more famous in the media. He started his entrepreneur roadmaps from that point.

After the reinvention of scooter wheels, he needs to do marketing. So with the help of youtube tutorials and his mother, Nicholas made an eCommerce website. From this website, Nicholas started to sell the wheels. Within a year Nicholas receives a $100k amount.

Nicholas Pinto Family Tree.

Patricia Pinto is the mother of Nicholas Pinto. Patricia(June 19, 1979-present) is an entrepreneur, former model, and Spanish-Italian actress. Raul Pinto is famous for his acting in Extreme Cheapskates 920140. Raul is the father of Nicholas. He has three siblings named Monica Pinto, Francesca Pinto, and Raul Pinto Jr.

Height of Nicholas.

Nicholas is 6 feet 5 inches (1.96m) tall.

  • Founder and CEO of LB Scoots, Since 2012-Present.

LB Scoots makes kick scooter technology.

  • Member of The Board of Advisors of La Crème.

La Creme is the media house that works with A-list celebrities like Cameron Dallas, Bad Bunny, Bill Murray, Jamie Foxx, Jon Bon Jovi, Ariana Grande, among others.

  • Co-Founder of Lounge.

The lounge was a game that Nicholas programmed and managed from the ground up at 15. It was led by a young Canadian entrepreneur.

The idea was initially brought to Nicholas by a trio of famous gaming YouTubers with whom He co-founded the business. From the experience, they learned how to manage a team of 50 staff members, mitigate DDoS attacks, and overall provide a fun experience to over 1,000,000 users.

Nicholas is volunteering since 2005 to present in La Crème Angles for the Poverty Alleviation. Nicholas has been donating clothes to the less fortunate and doing voluntary indentures since he was 5 years old.

Nicholas Pinto is voluntarily working as a Global LinkedIn mentor in LinkedIn. He actually teaches his followers what he has learned from his mentor.

Nicholas Pinto Images. Source Facebook.

According to different sources, It comes known that Nicholas is in a love relationship with a beautiful girl at beginning of 2020. However, the Name of the girl is still unknown.

Languages Known By Nicholas Pinto

  • Java -> Full professional proficiency
  • English -> Native or bilingual proficiency
  • German -> Limited working proficiency
  • Spanish -> Native or bilingual proficiency
  • Italian ->Limited working proficiency
  • Javascript -> Professional working proficiency
  • Python -> Professional working proficiency
  • Shell ->Limited working proficiency
  • Russian -> Elementary proficiency

Net Worth of Nicholas Pinto.

Nicholas has more than $200 Million. He is wealthier as a successful entrepreneur.

Social Media Links of Nicholas.

Instagram account -> Visit Here

Twitter account -> Visit Here

Facebook Account -> Visit Here

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