Nicole Covone: Rapper Lil Durk’s Ex-Wife – Astonishing 5 Facts

Nicole Covone: Rapper Lil Durk’s Ex-Wife – Astonishing 5 Facts

Who is Nicole Covone?

She was born on 25th April 1990 in the towns of Far Rockaway and Hempstead on Long Island in New York. Her mother is Diana Covone.

Diana used to work as a probation officer with the Nassau County District Attorney’s office. Her father, Vincent Covone, is a retired NYPD Sergeant.


Nicole Covone in her instagram handle @indiaroyale. Nicole has shared a lot of cute photos of her.

Nicole never had a planned job and, in fact, studied acting as a full-time hobby for many years. She has been acting in commercials and other TV shows since 2001.

She even got a role in a TV series “Friday Night Lights” but she had to opt out due to her acting commitments. By occupation, she is an actress.

What Is Her Role in OTF

Nicole get married to Durk Derrick Banks (alias Lil Durk). The American rapper and singer had started a career in hip hop music since he was a teenager.

Ex-Wife of Lil Durk, the American Artist and Rapper

Nicole first became famous in 2012 when she met Lil Durk in high school. During their time together, they attended several classes together.

Durk noticed her during his first year in college. After being in a relationship with the late Kieren Bennett. Kieren is a model, for 5 years.

Nicole’s interest in art and paintings spotted by her future husband. It was during his university days, when he bought an art book.

He came across one painting titled; “Autumn Leaves” by famous American painter, Van Gogh. He then started to paint as a hobby and soon put up his first gallery show in 2015.

He then asked Nicole if she would consider helping him and assisting him in his art.

Life in Pictures

Known by her birth date 25th April 1990, Nicole Covone is an American. Born in Glen Cove, New York, she is the daughter of Diana and Chris Covone.

She started her education from the North Shore Country Day School in Riverhead, New York. From a young age, she has interested in arts.

She took part in a short documentary film at the age of 14. At age 15, she moved to Maryland with her father.
The American model and media personality Nicole Covone. She is best known for her online posts with her famous husband.

As per her official Facebook page, Nicole Covone is now based in Los Angeles. The model keeps sharing her beautiful photos on Instagram.

On November 2016, Nicole posted a stunning and stunning photo.

Net Worth and Facts

Lil Durk’s net worth estimated at $3 million. His estimated net worth increased $500 thousand after his wife gave birth to daughter in 2014.

Nicole Covone owns several properties in an area in the United States. This area is also known as Queens Village in New York.

The country house has an estimated market value of $650 thousand. She also owns a suburban home worth $100 thousand and a smaller house of $25 thousand.

Nicole Covone in her instagram. Image source – @indiaroyale

Nicole Covone is also a part of the Original Cast of the Broadway show, The Last Five Years. She plays the role of Leigh opposite to the famous actress, Abigail Breslin.

From a humble beginning, she has now become a successful and financial freedom woman.


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Although her relationship with Durk is not that long. But she worked hard for it to save their relationship. Nicole was born to a single mother who had dreams of becoming a lawyer.

From her early childhood, Nicole Covone loved the attention towards her. And have enjoyed being the center of all the attention of the people around her.

She was the star student. She grew up with her father in an Air Force base.
She had 4 siblings- brothers, sister and a brother. Her mother is a divorce woman. And due to financial constraints, her mother started working as a housekeeper.

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