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Who we are

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 As the owner of this website, Factofcelebrity , we assure you that your privacy is our responsibilities. We don’t use your privacy without your prior assurance. Our legal team has established certain privacy policies, so as no-one will use your private data without your prior concern. Hence, to protect any personal data that you provide to us will be safe and secured.

Information collection:

As per need, our privacy policy, When we have to identify you for any business concern, we only might ask your contact information, but if you wish to subscribe our mailing list, we might ask you for your name and e-mail address. In case if we have to use your information we will use it without any privacy violation and compromising with the US law and other International Laws. Be sure we won’t sell your personal information to any third parties.

As per latest rule of cookies collection of search engines, while you are browsing in our (any) site, we can take some basics information automatically. Those information may be some non-personal information likewise your operation system, kind of your browser, and in some cases the domain name of your internet service provider. This information is generally used by google to improve your search results and we may not have any prior concern about that collected datas.

Contact Addresses

If you are wishing to join our mail subscriber then only we collect your email address. It means we are only able to collect your personal email id, if you provide the permission. We only use your provided email id for informing our newsletter subscription messages only, rather than other thing will not be done with your email adress.


Reason to use Cookies

We might collect and use cookies to provide you best surfing results during your web surfing time. Uses of cookies doesn’t meant to collect your personal information and harm to you. Its just about the concern to provide you the best search results. And specially the site owners will not uses cookies to provide you surfing results, it is generally used by your search engines for your best surfing time.

Cookies can be used for the following purposes:

(a) Displaying Advertisement

(b)  For Better Analysis to provide you best search results

(c) Purposes of Google Analytics.

For European Economic Area Residents

If you are the residence of European Economic Area (EEA), then under the GDPR and applicable data protection laws, If you wish to access or delete your personal data (if any) maintained by us can contact us at

Terms and agreement:

If you are reading this privacy policy then you must have to agree this policy. If there will be any changes in this provided privacy policies , we will update you via this privacy policy page. The effective date for new privacy policy will also available.


While providing your email address and any other personal information, always be aware that those information might be used by malicious person, so while providing information in internet please beware about consequences. We request you to protect your personal data from malicious people.

Making change in privacy policy:

Privacy Policy will not remain same as provided at any time. It will remain changes according to time period and you will be informed via this page.

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Please contact us at for any other enquires.

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