Radina Aneva: The Bulgarian Beauty Queen – With Top 8 Facts

Radina Aneva: The Bulgarian Beauty Queen – With Top 8 Facts

Who is Radina Aneva?

Her Role on “The International Dealers”

Radina is the producer of “The International Dealers”. It is a weekly program aired every Tuesday. Radina is also the presenter of the program.

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Radina started her TV career as an intern in “Mundo TV”. During this time she also worked as a sales manager for Toshiba. She made a career in marketing communications after her job at Toshiba.

She moved to Bulgaria in 2015 and started working at Balkan TV as a creative director.

Radina also started a program “Quality Time With You” which is aired every Saturday on local TV.

Radina Aneva

Radina is from Bulgaria. She is the first celebrity in Bulgaria and the second in the whole of Europe.

She was born on September 9th in 1985, in Sofia. Radina grew up in a family of four kids.

Radina Aneva is also known for being the best financial analyst, a specialist in collecting different items, the best team leader, and a well-connected coordinator. Aneva is a Bulgarian Celebrity.

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She is also famous as the wife of Jeffrey Jordan. Jeffrey is a former American basketball player. Jeffrey is also the co-founder of the Heir Jordan Foundation.

According to the latest research about Radina Aneva, she is working as a financial analyst infamous company named The Walt Disney Company in Los Angeles.

Early Life

Radina Aneva Jordan was born on September 9 in 1985 in Bulgaria. As per birth, she is Virgo. She has one elder sister. Her elder sister is 6 years older than her. She belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Radina is a native citizen of Bulgaria.

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Radina is graduated with a Bachelors’s in Mathematics and Computer Science in 2008 from Sofia University Saint Kliment Ohridski. Later she completed her master’s degree in Management of IT Projects in 2011.

Present Life with kids and Jeffrey Jordan

In 2018 during party time, these love birds met each other. After some time of friendship, Jeffrey Jordan proposes to Radina Aneva. Radina was shocked at that time because she didn’t expect that proposal, but after a few days, she finally said “YES” to Jordan.

The Bulgarian celebrity is not new to politics. She was appointed Secretary-General of the European Democratic Party, (EDP) a prominent political party in Eastern Europe. Aneva also had a good reputation in international organizations.

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Radina was the Head of the Foreign Policy Committee of the Union of Bulgarian Women.

Later they are in a relationship for 3 years. There are no disputes and misunderstandings among these couples. Likewise, couples are made in heaven. These love birds are also made in heaven. There are no rumors about these couples. Although they kept their secrets and never revealed the disputes on the internet.

After one year of a love relationship, they got married on the 25th of May in 2019. At the ceremony time, Jeffrey Jordan spends a lot of money for her wife Radina Avena. He gave her costly gifts and make her happy. On the other hand, Radina also gave him a lot of gifts.

However, none of them revealed that they have kids or not, but in fact, they have a Husky named Mak.

Career Life

Radina Aneva’s professional career starts in 2008. At that time she worked as a scheduling coordinator in a company named MAPASS Inc for a year. Later Radina worked as a financial analyst for the company named ECS2XL for more than six years.

Radina had good prospects to become the Bulgarian Ambassador to Washington, D.C., according to the plans of the Bulgarian authorities. The Bulgarian Ambassador to the U.S. is currently Rashid Khan. He succeeded Simeon Bankov, who was previously serving as the Chief of the Bulgarian diplomatic mission in Washington.

Radina has been awarded the “Merit of Excellence” for her diplomatic work in the U.S. in 2008.

Radina Aneva also worked in a famous film-making industry named Twentieth Century Fox company for almost four years. After this work experience, she thinks about coming into the film industry. The decision taken at that time shows her career bright. Now she is a rising star celebrity.

Recently she is bringing up her career as a celebrity and an employee of the famous company The Walt Disney in Greater Los Angeles. She is now serving as a financial analyst in The Walt Disney Company.

Who is Jeffrey Jordan?

Jeffrey Jordan is a former basketball play from America. Jeffrey is also known as the husband of Radina Avena. Jeffrey was born on November 18th on 1988 in Chicago, Illinois, the United States of America. His Father’s name Jeffrey is Michael Jordan and his mother’s name is Juanita Vanoy.

Jeffrey Jordan married Radina Aneva in 2019. Jeffrey is known for his part in basketball. Jeff has been an offensive player who usually played guard position.

radina and jeffrey as a romantic couple – source @a_radina instagram

But Jeffrey has not played any significant role in his first marriage. Jeffrey and his wife Radina have no kids.

Jeffrey is also a co-founder of the Heir Jordan Foundation.

Since his teenage Jeffrey is a good basketball player. He has won twice the All-Catholic League twice during his high school. He is 6 ft and 1 inch in height. He has previously played for the University of Illinois in 2007-2010 and for the University of Central Florida in 2010-2012.

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The net worth of Radina Avena

The net worth of Radina Aneva is said to be $ 8,000,000.

Aneva and Heir Jordan are married for four years. They are already separated after a divorce.

The net worth of Radina Aneva is said to be $ 8,000,000.

Radina Aneva is ranked in the 1,200 richest celebrities of the world by net worth. Her net worth is estimated at 5million US dollars.

According to different news and internet-based research recently Radina singly owns about $2 million net worth. In Florida, she has a luxurious mansion worth $5 million. She has bought her mansion in 2011.

Meanwhile, her husband Jeffrey has also another house in Charlotte worth $3.5 million.

Interesting Facts about Radina Aneva

Her height is 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)

Her English is not fluent yet.

Her job is as a Radio host.

She was first engaged to a businessman.

Model Radina Aneva has a model’s face, rich brown hair, a thin and slender figure, and a beautiful smile. Her socialite image is strong, with a nice fashion sense and an interest in active sports like skiing, swimming, dancing and so on. In the Bulgarian modeling world, she is very famous.

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