Rhonda Worthey beautiful ex-wife of Troy Aikman | Mother of 3 Children.

Rhonda Worthey beautiful ex-wife of Troy Aikman | Mother of 3 Children.

Who is Rhonda Worthey?

Rhonda Worthy came on earth on 2nd May 1970. Her place of birth is Texas, United States of America. She is a famous American Reality TV show personality, commentator. She is also known as one of the stars of the show called “The Real Housewives of Dallas” (Rumors). By profession, she is a publicist.

Rhonda with her ex-husband Troy Aikman | Image source celebrityraid

Rhonda is also famous as a political commentator on the FOX news channel for some time. Her early life and the journey of her career are still unknown. She is able to maintain her privacy so strongly. Her background is not clear.

Moreover, She is caught on the radar of the media after getting married to Troy Aikman. Troy is a famous NFL retired professional football player in America. Troy plays for Dallas Cowboys during his football career.

Quick Fact about Rhonda

Rhonda Name:- Rhonda Worthey

Date of Birth:- May 02, 1970

Age:- 51 years 8 months 27 days (up to now)

Birth Place:- United States of America

Ethnicity:- White

Religion:- Christianity

Horoscope:- Taurus

Occupation:- Publicist, Commentator

Eye color:- Brown

Hair color:- Blonde

Marital Status:- Divorced with Troy Aikman Daughter:- 2 from Troy and 1 from the previous partner

Animal lover:- especially Horse Lover

The career of Rhonda Worthey.

There is no more detailed information about the career of Rhonda, but some professional life of Rhonda is in limelight.

She started her career in Dallas Cowboys back in 1992. She worked as an executive assistant. She worked ins the same post for 5 years continuously since 1992.

Rhonda and Troy with their daughters | Image source Celebrityraid

It is also said that she has also worked for the FOX channel as a political commentator, but job years are not specified.

Later on, in 1997, She worked as a Public Relations Assistant, Community Manager, and Executive Assistant at Dallas Cowboys. She continues her job career up to 1999. After 1999 she takes retirement.

Education Journey.

Rhonda’s School detail is unknown, but her graduation is known. She completes her degree in Public Relations. Rhonda Worthey completed her graduation from Frank Stone High School.

As for her education degree, she chooses a career as a publicist in Dallas Cowboys. She works for years in Dallas Cowboys.

How did Rhonda Worthey and Troy meet?

Back in 1998, When Troy was a player at Cowboys. At the same time, Rhonda also worked as a publicist for the Cowboys since 1992. The profession of the publicist is to make publicize a person, product, company, etc. Here Rhonda is publicizing people specifically football players. So as of her duty, Rhonda regularly meets with Troy. This regular touch-up soon turns into a loveable romantic relationship.

As per some media reports, they dated each other for more than 1.5 years. After 1.5 years they decided to get married. They got married in 2000. The exact date of marriage is 8th April 2000. This wedding ceremony is organized in Plano, Texas.

In the wedding ceremony, Rhonda Worthey and Troy gave a big party to their relatives, friends, and other guests. According to Tim Quintana, security staff of Troy. Tim stated that, on the occasion of weeding, Troy is in a very happy mood.

Reason after Divorce.

The former couple filed a divorce case after 10 years of togetherness on January 24th, 2011. Almost they spend 11 years of togetherness. The divorce case of this former couple was finally settled on April 12th, 2011.

Rhonda and Troy get separated. Image Source ecelebritymirror.com

The reason for divorce is still unexplained. Well, the reason is unexplained but Troy an interview with Dallas Morning News, He told that,

“This has been a difficult decision for Rhonda and me, but after 10 years of marriage we have decided to separate, We remain deeply committed to our children and respectfully ask that you honor our family s privacy during this period of adjustment.”


Before the settlement of divorce. This couple tries a lot to patch up their relationships. Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and other celebrities try a lot to rejoin the relationship, but all the attempts are not successful. Finally, the divorce is done on 12th April 2011.

After her divorce from Troy, Rhonda Worthey received nearly about $1.75 million for child care. She also got a $1.5 Million home.

How did the Divorce news get leaked?

Troy and Rhonda Worthey try a lot to maintain strong privacy about their divorce case as far as possible. However, TMZ got leaks from sources. So TMZ pokes the news of separation.

TMZ stated that this couple is starting to split all of their properties before 2-3 months of divorce. Later on, Dallas morning news confirmed the separation news.

Rhonda is a mother of 3 children.

Rhonda Worthey gave birth to 3 children. Rhonda and Troy shared two daughters namely, Jordan Ashley Aikman and Alexa Marie Aikman. Jordan was born on August 24, 2001, and Alexa was born on July 30, 2002.

Previously, Rhonda has a daughter named Rachel. Rachel is the daughter of Rhonda and her previous partner who is not known over the internet.

Rumours and Scandal

Once Rhonda Worthey was rumored that she is one of the crew members in the American Reality Show called “The Real Housewives of Dallas”. These reality shows present the stories of different high profile females of the United States.

This show was initially supposed to launch in Early 2003 but it was delayed due to some reasons. The first season of this show was eventually launched in April 2016. The rest of the story is known to all of us.

Likewise, After a year of divorce in 2012, It is stated that Rhonda Worthey got arrested for some public intoxication charges. She was found guilty of breaking laws in public places. At the time of arrest, Rhonda was found drunk and having some disrespectful behavior in a public area. She was arrested from the parking lot of Texas High School.

While arresting Rhonda, Police found two full bottles of alcohol inside her car. After paying fines Rhonda was released on the same day on bail.

Net-worth of Rhonda Worthey

Approximately Rhonda has around $10 million of net worth. For the divorce settlement, she got $1.75 million for spouse and child settlement and the house costs around $1.5 million. She also earned around $7 million from her profession.

Rhonda is a horse lover.

Many women don’t like horses, but Rhonda likes to ride horses. She periodically visits the horse stable.

Social Media presence of Rhonda.

Due to high level of privacy we couldn’t fetch out any social media profile of Rhonda Worthey.

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