Rick Andosca – A Mystery Artist | Top 5 Facts |

Rick Andosca – A Mystery Artist | Top 5 Facts |

Rick Andosca Short Introduction.

Rick Andosca is not so famous on the internet. There are less data about his early life, education, training, and family background. But we have found some interesting data for you. Have a look and find something interesting facts about Rick Andosca.

Rick Andosca Image from the Internet. Image Source – cinemorgue.

According to the location available on his official Twitter Account, we found that Rick is from Atlanta, Georgia, in the United State of America. Rick Joined Twitter in March 2017. There is no data about Rick Andosca Date of birth. He loves to keep his profile secret. There are fewer followers and followers on his Twitter account also.

Rick Andosca Career.

Rick Andosca is the best actor in Hollywood Industries. He is best known for the Tv Shows like Amazing Stories (1985), Cover-Up (1984), Paradise (1991), Pet Sematary II (1992), and Gordy in 1995. Actually, by profession Rick is a theater director, actor, and teacher for 50 years.

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Rick has performed more than 70 roles in 1000 performances. He has also directed 20 equity productions and numerous readings from Los Angeles to New York. As a film actor, Rick Andosca has appeared in 20 productions.

Rick has work experience with Melanie Griffith, Carroll O’Conner, David Morse, and many more. Rick Andosca completed his training at the Leland Powers School of Radio, Theatre, and Television in Boston, Massachusetts.

Rick is the master of the Meisner Technique. He has uploaded videos about Meisner Technique on YouTube since 5 years ago. We can Visit His Channel HERE.

What is Meisner Technique performed by Rick Andosca in Acting?

Meisner’s technique is just an approach for better acting. This technique is developed by a Famous American theatre practitioner named Sanford Meisner. The main goal of this technique is to no to focus on the actor themselves but to concentrate on the other actors in the immediate environment. This makes the actor or actress dig out their acting skills and confidence in front of the mass and camera. This is a series of training linked up with one another.

Actually, this training method is used by Rick Andosca for 50 years. Rick is so dedicated to this training that he can help his students to get their goals. Rick is so famous for this technique. Some of the reviews about Rick Andosca’s training can be seen below.

rick andosca reveiws
Rick Andosca Reviews his training. Text converted to an image and cropped from rickandosca website.

Why is Rick Andosca underrated?

According to our research, Rick loves to keep his personal life and secrets in low key profile. He is not so famous over the internet. He is too dedicated to his work not to the promotions.

Rick once said that –

I have two legacies-my daughters and then my students and I take all of that VERY seriously.

Source – Twitter

Rick Andosca is teaching a lot about Meisner Technique. It seems that he loves to be a good teacher rather than a promoted and overrated actor.

Rick Andosca Tv Shows and Movies.

Following is the list of the Previously played Tv shows and Movies by Rick Andosca.

S.N.Name of Movies or ShowsMovie or Show?YearRole
1Cover UpTv Show1985First Steward
(1 Episode)
2CheersTv Show1985Rand Guy
(1 Episode)
3Amazing StoriesTv Show1986-1987Haller – Policeman
(2 Episodes)
4ParadiseMovie1991Ernest Parkett
5White LieTv Movie1991Post Reporter
6Grass RootsTv Movie1992Not Available
7Pet Sematary IIMovie1992Pathologist
8CrossroadsTv Series1992Not Available
(1 Episode)
9In the Heat of the NightTv Series1993Eli Chambers
10Getting InTv Series1994Cop
11Moment of Truth: Caugh in the CrossfireTv Movie1994Junkyard Worker
12Mr. McAllister’s Cigratter HolderShort Movie1994Clerk
13GordyTv Movie1994Norm
14Summer ’03Tv Movie2018Herman Lorenz
15Lodge 49Tv Series2018Old Guy
(1 Episode)
16Champaign ILLTv Series2018Bartender
(1 Episode)
17ReprisalTv Series2019Albert the Cashier
(1 Episode)
18Dwight in Shinning ArmorTv Series2020Mage
(1 Episode)
19Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad PoetsTv Movie2021Mr. Snopek
20Mind ReaderTv Movie2022Older Celeb.
List of Tv Shows and Movies of Rick Andosca

Following are the upcoming Tv Shows and Movies of Rick.

S.N.NameRoleReleasing Date / Status
1Ms TrialCharles SibleyPre-Production
3Student TeacherNot AvailableCompleted
4Haunted MansionCaretaker GhostPost-Production
List of Upcoming Movies and Tv Shows of Rick Andosca

Social Media Life of Rick.

As above mentioned that Rick Andosca loves to keep his profile in the secret. So he is not so available on different social media platforms also. Rick is available only on Twitter with low followers and followings in his list.

We can visit him on Twitter by CLICKING HERE.

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Net Worth of Rick Andosca.

Rick Andosca has around $7 million net worth. Ricks’s main source of income is from his acting career since 1985. He is one of the most talented but underrated theater actors in Hollywood industries.

Rick Andosca Teaching Meisner Technique to his Students.

Besides, acting in movies and theaters he is also a famous Meisner Teacher. He teaches the Meisner technique for 5 years. He has also uploaded his Meisner Technique on YouTube. You can find his Video HERE.

We wish Rick as a better future ahead. Rick must public his life and worth working on the internet.

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