Shaun So an Arrogant Military | Social Media Entrepreneur | 2022 updates

Shaun So an Arrogant Military | Social Media Entrepreneur | 2022 updates

‘Shaun So’ was born in 1980, in Maine the USA. He is now currently 44 years. His family was from China and after they had migrated from china to the United States of America. All because of this his nationality is American-Chinese. He is originally from a Chinese family. And he belongs to the Asian ethnicity.

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Shaun so is a well-known social media personality from the US, a celebrity spouse, and also an entrepreneur. Shaun So is an American military by profession who is also presented as Counterintelligence Special Agent in the U.S. for a long period of time.

Shaun so worked there for eight years. And after the army service, he also worked as an intelligence analyst in the united states Department of Defence for three years too. And currently, he is working as the CEO and also as the managing partner of ‘The So Company’.

This company now works to lengthen its revenue and develop its strategy for the betterment of its service. Where he has got more benefits also. This business had also been more stable for him.


Shaun So is a very well-educated man. He studied in a private school in his own hometown. There he was a hardworking child in his school days too where he got his position in class within the top five also. Shaun So was always been an excellent student from his childhood.

His parents gave more priority to his education than anything else. So he was registered at the University of Chicago in the year 1999. He has also been graduated with BA in political science in 2003.

Aside from this, he studied Mandarin at Tsinghua University and also got an MBA degree from the City University of new york. So here we can say that most definitely So had a good life as a student and he had got the best education that he could get. And had got a more focused career.


Shaun so has started his professional career in the military army. As he was a more dedicated person where he can work hard as his passion. He again also worked as an intelligence Analyst for many years.

After the retirement of his military service, he has also been a part of his own business in Cubby a logistics startup as a co-founder and CEO. Either that startup didn’t work for a long time and that chubby logistics business was shut down in one year.

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Being a hardworking man he didn’t stop and again started a new business and now he’s working hard on that business where he had got fine revenue which has been more beneficial to him. At the time of his contract with the American business magazine, he had released many articles on different subjects such as entrepreneurship, veterans, and business all because he was related to all that fields.


  • (2003-2006): worked as a military army in the united states.
  • (2006-2009): served as a Defense Contractor in McNeil Technologies.
  • (2003-2011): Worked as a counterintelligence special agent in the US.(2012-2014): worked as a contributor for a magazine called ‘Forbes Magazine’.
  • (2012-now): Managing partner and CEO of “The So Company”


Shaun so met with this beautiful girl Anna Chlumsky at a college party in 2000, when they two were studying at the University of Chicago. They both were colleagues before they started dating each other. Anna Chlumsky his girlfriend is an American actress who began her career as a child Actress.

After they started dating they both had to be in a long-distance relationship because of Shaun’s military service he was posted in Afghanistan for service so he had to h to go to Afghanistan for work from 2004 to 2006. So, Because of his military service there they had a long-distance relationship for two years.

All within also they were so much committed to each other that they didn’t think of separating and waited for one another and maintained their relationship and made stronger. After his military service was finished in Afghanistan he returned safely in January 2006, and after there he came home on a break in May that year.

This couple shared the good news of their engagement to their fans and following also and they got engaged in October 2007. After the engagement, They got married on March 8, 2008, with the good wishes of their family members only in a private ceremony and close friends. They got married in Brooklyn New York.

They are the raised parents of two kids(daughters). Anna gave birth to her first child, a daughter in 2013 July. Her name is Penelope Joan So. And in 2016 August, anna gave birth to her second daughter where she was named Clara Elizabeth So.

They were so much happy after the birth of the second child. And now Shaun and Anna are happily living together with their daughters for the last 22 years. And amazingly it’s been more than 13 years of their marriage.

Shaun So and his partner are dedicated to each other so much that they keep each other in first priority. Their relationship is still going smoothly together. They are so much dedicated to one another. They had a strong relationship we can see that.

Some quick info about Shaun So

Date of birth:1980


Birth Place: United States

Gender: Male

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Height: 5 feet 7 inches tall

Hair color: Brown

Shaun So Eye Color: Black

His favorite color: Blue

Nationality: American-Chinese

Ethnicity: Asian

Religion: Christian

Hometown: Maine

Education: Graduated

University: University of Chicago

Current Residence: United States

Profession: American Military Veteran, Entrepreneur, CEO of ‘The SO Company’.

Marital Status: Married

Engagement Date: October 2007

Marriage Date: 2008 March, 8

Shaun So Wife: Anna Chlumsky

Daughters: Penelope Joan So, Clara Elizabeth So


Shaun so lives an amazing lifestyle with his wife and daughters. We in other can say that he has a lavish lifestyle. He has got his own car and his own stylish house too. He has got a lot of money from his business which is more than enough for his lifestyle.

As we know that his primary source of income is obviously his military service. Talking about his estimated net worth is about $3 to $4 million. He lives a wealthy life with his family.


He is more reserved for his parents and siblings so we can’t find any details related to his family.

Shaun So works on many projects for many companies secretly.

Moreover, he is also an animal lover.

He furthermore has not mentioned his details on social media anywhere.


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