Thea Glimsdal Temte – A renowned fashion designer.

Thea Glimsdal Temte – A renowned fashion designer.

Thea Glimsdal Temte – A short Intro.

In Norway, Thea Glimsdal Temte is a famous fashion designer. According to her official Facebook id, she is a manager at HOT NOK – a cloth store. HOT NOK lies in Solberglva, Norway. She is also a redesigner freelancer at the Norwegian Institute of Bunad and Folk Costume.

Thea is also the wife of the famous actor Rune Tumte. Rune is the best-known actor in Norway. He is more famous for his best role in The Last Kingdom and Eddie The Eagle. He also plays a role as a Bron-Char in the superhero movie Captain Marvel in 2019.

thea glimsdal temte with collegues.
Thea with her friends. Image source Facebook post of Thea.

She completed her School level from Valdres Gymnas in 1984. She completed her high school education from Sogn Videregående Skole (Parish High School), in 1989. Further, She studied at Universitetet i Oslo (UiO) (University of Oslo) in 1992.

Thea Glimsdal Temte was born in April 17. The Year of Birth is still unknown. But we can guess her year of birth. As she completed high school in 1989. She may complete her high school in around 18 years. So her birth year will be 1971.

Family Details.

There are no more details about Thea’s parents. She also kept her marital life secret. She does not like to reveal much more about her private life.

Thea Glimsdal Temte has 1 brother named, Rune Mikalel Glimsdal. Similarly, Thea has 3 cousins named, Frode Steinsland, Steinar Glimsdal, and May Brit Skar Sivertsen. She has also a niece named, Tonette Eberspacher.

Life Events:

After the completion of schooling in 1989, Thea Glimsdal Temte started a new job at “Norsk institutt for bunad og folkedrakt” in the same year of schooling. Later she completed her university from Universitetet i Oslo (UiO) (University of Oslo) in 1992. After university completion, she again started a new job at Høgskulen i Telemark as a Teacher of Folk art. But due to some of her circumstances she again left the job at Hogskulen i Telemark in 2006. And in the same year in 2006, she again started a new job at HOT NOK. And up to now, she is currently working here as a general manager.

Thea Glimsdal Temte got married to the famous actor Rune Tumte. They shared a weeding knot in August 2001. Since they tied the married knots under private circumstances. There are some details missing about their marriage. However, on August 23, 2011, she shared her marriage anniversary photo on her Facebook Id.

She caption the photo as “10 års bryllupsdag på Credo i Trondheim” (10 years wedding anniversary at Credo in Trondheim)

How did Glimsdal and Rune Temte met First.

There are no exact details about how Glimsdal and Rune for the first time. While surfing Thea Facebook Id, We can discover some good things about their relationship. It seems both of them know each other since their childhood. They are in a healthy relationship and they share a romantic bonding also. It seems they know each other since the 1980s.

Children of Thea Glimsdal Temte.

Thea Glimsdal and Rune together share a son. The name of the son is Martinius Glimsdal Temte. Martinius Glimsdal Temte is the one and only son shared by Thea and Rune. The exact date of birth of Martinius is still missing. However, like other celebrity kids, he is also earning name and fame. Martinius attend some public programs with his parents also.

Thea Glimsdal with his husband and son. Image credit –

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According to the HOT NOK Facebook page, the Official website of HOT NOK is

Thea Temte attending the premiere of A Boy Called Christmas TOGETHER with Rune Temte, her husband.

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