Tom Holland Girlfriend: 4 Women Who Stole Spider-Man’s Heart

Tom Holland Girlfriend: 4 Women Who Stole Spider-Man’s Heart

Who is Tom Holland Girlfriend?

Lottie moss was Tom Holland Girlfriend for the first time of Tom’s life. Tom Holland and Lottie Moss were first pictured together back in 2014. They were then pictured kissing in 2015 in a London club. The following year, they were spotted spending time together on several dates. On March 25, 2017, they were then seen on a trip to Dubai together.

How long have they been dating? Tom Holland and Lottie Moss have been dating since summer of 2015. They were also seen kissing during a night out in London just before Christmas. The model, who is the half sister of supermodel Kate Moss, has grown up surrounded by photographers, paparazzi and celebrities. She is a former contestant on the reality television show Made in Chelsea. Her last credit was in 2017 as part of the British series New Blood.

tom holland girlfriend
Tom Holland Girlfriend

Why is Tom Holland Girlfriend so famous?

After Moss, Tom Holland girlfriend was Hollywood’s Lara Croft. According to Cosmopolitan, his former girlfriend is a known Brazilian model named Clara Santos. The two had met through some mutual friends and started dating sometime in 2015. They met while Tom Holland was filming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in his native London.

lara croft
Tom Holland Girlfriend

The two have been a very happy couple. Prior to Clara, Tom Holland was dating a Canadian producer named Naiyana Garth. While he was doing many of his Spider-Man movies, he was actually in a relationship with Naiyana for several years. The two even got matching tattoos on their ring fingers that said “Lola”. The tattoos were inspired by Garth’s nickname for him. The couple was first introduced back in 2013 while Tom was filming Legend of Tarzan.

How Tom Holland Met Tom Holland Girlfriend

According to the Daily Mail, it was Tom’s college roommate Robert Downey Jr. who introduced the young actor to Tom Holland girlfriend, it was their “unexpected bond” and Tom’s close relationship with his fellow actor that would ultimately lead to Tom and Laura’s relationship.

“[Robbie] spoke to me about this girl. She was beautiful, sweet, charming, they were both lovely people,” Tom said of the relationship. It was Robert that introduced Tom and Laura on a night out in London’s Soho, the two hitting it off immediately and even staying with him at his pad after the night out.

They started dating shortly after the Soho night out. Tom’s Facebook While no one outside of Tom’s family and close friends have actually met Laura, he’s opened up about how his then-girlfriend gets the best of him.

Tom Holland’s Girlfriend Alice Kim

Tom Holland girlfriend, Alice Kim, is a successful model. Throughout 2016, Kim attended numerous high-profile events in Los Angeles. In November of that year, she attended the premiere for Dope on HBO, which she was the special guest of Anne Hathaway.

The actress posted a picture of herself with Kim on her Instagram, writing: “Tom Holland and I had so much fun hanging out with so many brilliant people today in LA. It was great to finally meet and connect with such an incredibly warm and friendly person.” On October 30, 2016, Kim made an appearance on the October 30th edition of The Daily Show.


Tom Holland’s first major project was playing Peter Parker in the franchise reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. The action star’s initial audition session was much like that of other actors that year, Holland impressed the panel of the Marvel executives even more.

While he had certain concerns about the character of Peter Parker at the beginning of his auditions, his fascination for the character lead him to sign on the dotted line. Tom Holland didn’t stop there, but actually included Spider-Man to his list of roles that he felt interested. Aside from it being one of his dream roles, he felt that he could make a bigger impact with the character than others.

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