Travis Bacon | Famous Musician | Everything About Kevin Bacon’s Son | 2022 Updates.

Travis Bacon | Famous Musician | Everything About Kevin Bacon’s Son | 2022 Updates.

Travis Bacon – Son of Kevin Bacon. An Introduction.

Travis Bacon is a popular producer, actor, composer, and musician. He is the son of a Hollywood actor and director Kevin Bacon. He has appeared in a number of films and television shows, most notably as the title character in the 2005 horror film The Lover Boy.

Travis Bacon is a talented musician and has numerous musical skills in the glittering metal industry. He has recorded live music engineering. Bacon is currently guitarist of Black Anvil, a black metal band from Brooklyn. In the past decade, the artist has also acted as a sound engineer on numerous popular venues.

Travis Bacon Having Tattoos on His Body. Image Source @svrtcntraclt Instagram

In addition to these, Bacon was known as a son of acclaimed Hollywood actors Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. His mother has been incredibly successful in the filmmaking world with several hits and TV credits. Travis is a longtime partner to Angelina Sambrotto.

Early Life and Career of Travis Bacon.

Travis Bacon was born on June 23, 1989, in Los Angeles, California, to actor Kevin Bacon and actress Kyra Sedgwick. He has one sibling, Sosie Bacon. Sosie is the younger sister of Travis Bacon. He started his career as a child actor appearing in TV movies and commercials before landing his big break in the feature film Lover Boy (2005). Since then he has worked in a number of films, including The Space Oddity, Story of a Girl (2017), Girls Weekend (2019), The Ghost Woman (2021), and short drama Beatrix in 2005.

He is the best musician and actor also. He is also a member of the punk-rock-funk band. This band is also famous for Idiot Box. In addition to this, Travis is also associated with different bands and groups. Till 2015, he was one of the best members of a heavy-metal band named “White Windows Pact”. In the same year, he joined an American black-metal band named “Black Anvil”. Black Anvil band was formed in 2007. At first, there are only 3 members viz, Paul Delaney, Gary Bennett, and Ralph Glicken.

Travis Bacon is currently the guitarist of the black metal band Black Anvil and has also acted as a sound engineer on numerous popular venues. He has also been known as a son and daughter-in-law of acclaimed Hollywood actors Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. His mother has been incredibly successful in the filmmaking world with several hits and TV credits.

Short Bio about Travis Bacon Parents And Sibling.

Travis Bacon’s parents are also renowned names in Hollywood Industries. Kevin Bacon is the father of Travis. Similarly, Kyra Sedgwick is the mother of Travis. Travis also has one younger sister named Sosie Bacon.

Father of Travis Bacon – Kevin Bacon. A Short Introduction.

Kevin is the father of well-known artist Travis Bacon. Kevin Bacon was born on July 8, 1958. He is a renowned Hollywood actor as well as director and producer also. He has given the best films in his career. Some of his famous movies are Footloose, JFK, A few good men, Apollo 13, and Mystic River.

Parents of Travis Bacon Image | Savage Kevin Bacon captioned this photo on Instagram as “Verified
Hey, kids in the old day cameras and phones were two different things! This was our first “selfie”. Image source @kevinbacon Instagram

Most of Kevin’s movies are related to historical events and mysterious events. He is also more known for his hit comedies like National Lampoon’s Animal House in 1978, Diner in 1982, Tremors in 1990, Crazy Stupid Love in 2011, etc.

Mother of Travis Bacon – Kyra Sedgwick. A Short Introduction.

Kyra Sedgwick is the wife of a Hollywood actor and director named Kevin Bacon. She is also the mother of a famous actor and audio-engineer of heavy metal named Travis Bacon. Kyra’s real name is Kyra Mintum Sedgwick.

Kyra is also a famous American actress, director, and producer also. She is well recognized for her starring role as Deputy Chief named Brenda Leigh on TNT crime drama. For this astonishing role, she won a Golden Glode Award also.

Sister of Travis Bacon – Sosie Bacon. A Short Introduction.

Travis Bacon’s sister Sosie is also a famous American actress. Her real name is Sosie Ruth Bacon. She is born on March 15, 1992. She is currently running on 29 years. Her first role was in the movie Loverboy in 2005 at the age of 13. She performed her role as Emily in Loverboy Movie.

Travis Bacon and His sister Sosie Bacon Spending Some Good Time on Park. Image Credit @@svrtcntraclt Instagram

Travis Bacon Parental Grand Parents. Who are They?

Travis Bacon’s grandparents are well-known and reputed personalities in their era. Travis Grand Father Edmund Bacon was an executive director of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission. Edmund is also a good urban planner, architect, author, and educator also.

Similarly Travis’s Grandmother Ruth Hilda Holmes is a teacher in elementary school. She is also a liberal activist in her era.

Who are the Maternal Grandparents of Travis Bacon?

Edmund and Ruth Hilda are parental side grandparents of Travis Bacon. Whereas Henry Sedgwick and Patricia Rosenwald are from the maternal side.

Travis Bacon with his grandfather Edmund Bacon in his childhood and image of his grandmother Hilda images. Image credit – celebcritics

Patricia is a speech teacher and also a family therapist. Similarly, Henry Dwight Sedgwick V. is a venture capitalist in his time.

Travis Bacon Family – A Glimpse.

Travis’s family is full of actors, producers, and directors. Travis himself is a good musician in the heavy-metal industry. Travis Bacon’s parents are actors, producers, and directors. His parents are well known and well established in Hollywood industries.

Travis and his sister are also in the acting field. Travis and his sister follow the footpath of their parents. They both make their parent’s proud parent. They got what they want to achieve in their early life. In this present life, both of them are working well in their own sector.

At a glance, we can say that Travis has a very good family background. We wish Travis Bacon a good life ahead.

Travis Bacon Present Life.

Currently, Travis Bacon is running at 32 years and 8 months old (now at 2022 March). After 3 months Travis is celebrating his 33rd birthday. We wish him warm birthday wishes in advance.

Travis is the most creative man. He is a master of moving crowds with his best lyrical voice. He always set fire on the stage as an actor. He is also the best sound engineer. He has completed many projects as a sound engineer.

Previously, Travis Bacon started his career as a child artist. But later on, he shifts his career as a musician. Nowadays he is completely dedicated to his musical career. Today his main profession is a Musician rather than an actor.

Travis Bacon on Stage Performance. Image Credit @@svrtcntraclt Instagram

Travis Bacon has his own sound-recording studio. The name of his sound-recording studio is “Broken Box Recording Company”. He established his company in September 2013. He is running his recording studio for 8 years and 7 months.

His company is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York. He is the head engineer of his studio. He provides different sound engineering services to his clients. Travis is an expert in composing soundtracks for movies and Tv shows.

Musician Travis Bacon is more passionate to compose punk, metal, rock, and hardcore music. His career towards his passion makes him successful in the heavy metal music industry.

How did Travis Bacon Choose his Career on Music?

Since his childhood and the affect of his family background. Travis Bacon has had a starring role in the movie called Loverboy in 2005. He gave his best performance in this movie in his early childhood. On the basis of this performance and based on his family background most people think that he will be a good actor in near future.

But Travis Bacon has music in his mind, body, and blood. He loves music rather than acting in movies. Later, He chooses his passion as his profession.

After the completion of graduation in Arts with Audio engineering, Travis Bacon works as an assistant engineer in THE WILD ARCTIC recording company. He works there for some time until he gains some handful of experience in music and technology. Nowadays he is the most brilliant composer of soundtracking in audio engineering.

As a guitarist, he gave some awesome stage performances also. He gave some best performances across the city also. In the first stage of his musical career, he gave a performance in “The Archeron”. He also gave some best performances at some other venues like “Club Europa”, “St. Vitus Bar”, “Union Hall” and so on.

Travis Bacon started his professional career as a musician only after joining the popular band named Rock-Punk-Funk. This band is also famous as Idiot Box also. At the same Travis was also a member of the heavy-metal band named White Pact. He quit this band in 2015.

Again after joining Rock-Punk-Funk Travis also join another band named Black Anvil in 2016. This band was formed by three artists named Paul Delaney, Ralph Glicker, and Gary Bennett. In this band, Travis is in the role of guitarist.

Recently Travis owns his own studio for composing soundtracking. He owns his company in his own home. He has a greater skill to combine technology and music.

Travis Bacon Work Experience.

  • Travis first joins on St. Vitus Bar as a live sound Engineer in Feb 2012. He is currently associated with this bar. Currently, he has worked here for 10 years and more.
  • In August 2013 he again joins Club Europa as a live sound Engineer. Up to now, he is working here for 8 years and a plus.
  • Similarly, he also joined Union Hall as a live sound Engineer. He is serving there for 9 years and more. Travis joined Union Hall in November 2012.
  • Likewise, Travis also serves on The Acheron from July 2011 to March 2013 for 1 year and 9 months.
  • He also has experience as an Assistant Engineer in the recording company named “The Wild Arctic Recording Company”. He worked there for 1 year and 6 months.

Travis Bacon’s Motto

According to Travis, his Motto is to create a comfortable, affordable, and innovative recording environment for independent brands and/or artists. He is mainly focused to uplift the newly formed bands or artists.

Travis’s specialization is in heavy music, especially punk, metal, rock, and hardcore. According to him, he is now willing to work with any genre and all who want to work with him.

Travis simple funda is to help each other to groom each other.

Who is Travis Bacon’s Girlfriend? Know About His Dating Life.

Well, every common people guessed that celebrity is in love affairs and relationships. Being, so famous and handsome, alluring personality Travis Bacon recently is engaging with a beautiful lady named Angelina Sambrotto.

It is true that Travis Bacon is dedicated to making his mark on the music industry inside Hollywood. In Travis’s Instagram account we can also see that he is intimate with a woman named Angelina Sambrotto. Angelina is a makeup artist.

Travis Bacon Girlfriend Angelina Sambrotto. | Image source Facebook of Angelina.

Recently Travis gave warm wishes to his intimate friend Angelina on his Instagram account. At Angelina’s Birthday party they both hold a wine glass together in a disco named Madonna Inn. Both of them are now in an official relationship with each other.

Travis Bacon is having a good time with Angelina. We wish Travis and Angelina a good life ahead. Up to now, they are happy with each other.

Who is Travis Bacon’s Girlfriend?A short Introduction.

Angelina Sambrotto is a makeup artist as well as a present girlfriend of Travis Bacon. She Studied her makeup course at Cinema Makeup School. She is from Los Angeles, California. She is the girlfriend of Travis Bacon. Angelina and Travis both updated their Facebook relationship with each other.

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Angelina further runs a website named From this website, Angelina is selling cosmetic and lifestyle products. She has 2.8 thousand friends on Facebook.

We can find out Angelina on Facebook by VISITING HERE

Does Travis Bacon Takes Drugs?

There are no official records that Travis takes drugs. However, Kevin Bacon once in an interview admitted that Travis was a drug user in the past. He further explained that to suppress anxiety of Travis, he gave him half of Valium.

This veteran actor, Kevin also explained that Travis was in a stressful situation so he cannot do his performance. In this situation, there is no alternative to Travis. Actually, the performance scene was to plead the council of Town to allow dance with him. At that time Travis feels more nervous and goes under deep anxiety.

Hence to solve this issue veteran actor Kevin gave him half a Valium. This dose of Valium calm Travis’s anxiety and was able to perform the best scene with the council of Town.

Near To Death Situation of Travis.

During the childhood of Travis Bacon. Due to his father’s carelessness. Once his father Kevin mistakenly locked Travis in his car. Further, Kevin forgot keys also inside the car. After some time Kevin realized that he had accidentally locked his son in his car. He then started to break the window of the car. But he is unable to break the glass of the car.

In the meantime, a man walking on the roadside comes to help Kevin. Later both of these men are able to break the glass of the car and able to save Travis. In that situation, Travis was about to faint.

Educational Qualification of Travis Bacon.

Travis Bacon is graduated with an audio engineering degree. He graduated from Evergreen State College of Olympia, Washington. As a sound engineer, his composition is a more unique combination of technology and music.

Some other quick facts about Travis Bacon.

Networth of Travis Bacon.

Travis Bacon is a rich musician among his colleagues. His father has a hundred million dollars, similarly, his mother has also another hundred million dollars. All of this net worth is his and his sister’s.

But Travis is a different person. He earned himself, which is a good earning for him. He is capable to take care of his expenses. According to different sources he has around $5 million net worth. This net worth includes his company income and profit also.

Travis owns his own house in New York. This house is earned by himself. He lives alone there. Travis has his own struggling story for his successful life. Yeah, he got some help during his struggling period from his father and mother but whatever he is now is his own hard work and dedication result.

Social Media Presence of Travis Bacon.

Travis in Linkedin.

Travis Bacon is in Linkedin with the user name Travis Bacon. He posted all of his details on Linkedin. He has 148 connections on Linkedin. To find Travis Bacon on LinkedIn we can VISIT HERE.

Travis Bacon on Facebook.

Travis is also active on Facebook. He has 3.2 thousand friends on Facebook. On Facebook, Travis updated his relationship with Angelina Sambrotto. They are in a relationship with each other. We can find Travis on Facebook HERE.

Travis on Instagram.

Travis got 2704 followers on his Instagram account. He is more active on Instagram and Facebook rather than other social media platforms. He has 168 posts on his Instagram account.

Travis Bacon runs a website named He posted this information on his official Instagram account. Instagram account of Travis Bacon -> Visits Here. There are many fake Instagram accounts named Travis Bacon. We request you to find out real account by visiting the link given above.


Travis Bacon is from a good background family. His family is well educated and well established since his grandparents’ time. Travis is also a well-educated musician. Travis will be a good future musician after a decade. We are proud to write about him.

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